Another Night in July

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I left for work, and went to the gas station to fill up. I had forgotten my wallet at home and needed to go back and get it. When I returned home, Gary was already there and had parked his car in the driveway. I decided to go to a pay phone and call in sick.

After I made the call, I returned home, and quietly entered the house. I walked down the hall and went into the bedroom. There was Sally, still in her new top, playing solitaire on the computer. Gary was filling his crank pipe from a baggie that was about one third full. I explained I forgot my wallet and needed money for gas. I picked up the wallet and Gary handed me his pipe. I took three big hits and passed it to Sally.

Sally mentioned something about how she should cover up. I remember telling her it was a little late now. Gary already had the pleasure of seeing her with it on. Still, Sally went to her closet and picked out a brown short sleeve button down shirt and put it on just the same. I told Sally one more time I didn’t think it was necessary to cover up. Then I left for work.

Sally and Gary had no clue I had called in sick for that night’s shift. I drove about a third of a mile to the Red Lobster parking lot. I locked the car and walked back to the house. Gary’s car was still in the driveway. I crept to the gate on the side of the house and walked into the back yard.

From the back yard, I could see both the kitchen area and Sally’s bedroom. I sat on the hill in the back yard behind a small tree. From that height I could see through Sally’s blinds. I saw that Sally and Gary were now playing a game on the computer, probably solitaire. I had not been there long before I could tell that Sally had lost the game.

I knew for sure when Sally removed the brown over shirt she had put on just prior to my leaving. I could tell Gary liked the new top without the over shirt by the big grin on his face. He looked like a cat that had just caught a mouse!

Sally and Gary both went into the kitchen for a drink. Sally poured two glasses of bourbon and coke, and they went back into the bedroom. Being the looser, Sally started another game of solitaire. I sat on the hill behind the tree as the game progressed.

It wasn’t long before Gary filled his pipe again and they both took turns smoking. As the second game came to a conclusion, it wasn’t hard to tell that Sally had won. Gary removed his shirt, threw it on the chair, and started another game.

It was now about 1:30 and I decided to walk back to a pay phone and call Sally. I wanted to tell her that I would not be home until about 8:00 AM. Sometimes a golf tournament required me to stay over and get practice balls ready for the players. That was a complete lie. It would, however, give me more time to observe, and Gary and Sally more time alone!

I went to the pay phone and back as quick as possible. I snuck back into the side yard and sat back down on the hill. Gary was still playing his game so I had not missed out on anything. In a couple of minutes, it was obvious that Gary had won another game. I saw Sally go to a drawer and take out a sex lotto card packet and hand it to Gary.

I had picked up the sex lotto cards at a small shop in Old Sacramento. They were not the fuck me type, but sort of a petting and foreplay type of card. Sally and I used them quite often, but this was the first time she had pulled the lotto cards out for someone other than me!

I could not tell from where I was what kind of card Gary had picked from the booklet. I found out soon enough though, as both Sally and Gary moved and sat on the end of the bed. Gary bent over and gave Sally a kiss as he slid the material of her new top off her shoulder. He began to fondle her right tit and it didn’t take long before he was sucking and playing with them both. This went on about three minutes. Sally then rose, straightened herself out and started another game.

It was getting close to 2:30 now, and Gary filled his pipe once again. This game went by fast. Sally was left smoking the pipe, and Gary went out to his car. When he returned, he gave Sally a box wrapped with ribbon and a bow. When she opened it, to my surprise it was another outfit! I was amazed as I didn’t think Gary was that type. I admit he had seen Sally before in a lot of her lingerie. I never dreamed he would bring any over for her!

Sally went into the bathroom and changed. When she came out, I could see it was not just a top, it was a complete outfit. It also had a pair of tight fitting short shorts for the bottom. It was blue with some sort of colored pattern to it. As Sally walked out of the bathroom, I could tell it was almost as see through as the one I had bought earlier in the day.

The top was low cut in the front, with lots of cleavage. Sally’s nipples were clearly visible through the material. She really looked hot! Gary helped her tie the strings in the back while he grabbed a feel of both tits. It did not appear that the strings in the back were tied very tight. Sally’s tits almost fell free when she laid back down on the bed to start another game!

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