Another Night in July

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Here it was, another Friday night In July, and I found myself fifty miles from home in heavy traffic. There was no way I would make it home before Sally had dinner ready. I knew she would really be disappointed. This was the night we had decided to play cards and maybe take some photos.

Earlier that day as I drove through Fresno, I stopped at a couple of small shops looking for just the right top for Sally to wear. I always enjoyed taking photos of Sally in a new reveling top or lingerie. I finally found one I knew I liked. I knew Sally would never wear it out of the house, or let anyone else see her wearing it.

It was a light brownish or tan, and virtually completely see through. The only exception was a few white designs of flowers here and there. It left nothing to the imagination!

Sally had no idea I bought a new top for her to model. It was to be a surprise from me to her. If I was lucky enough to win a couple of games of cards or dice or some other game I would give it to her to wear for my photos.

I was now forty-five minutes from home, and thought I had better stop and call to let Sally know I was going to be late. I tried three pay phones. All three were broken. I found a fourth phone and finally spoke to Sally. I told her I wouldn’t be home until about 8:30. She wasn’t very happy when she heard the news, but told me to hurry as she was waiting and dinner was ready.

It was a little after 8:30 when I pulled in the driveway and saw Gary’s car parked on the street. He was a friend who came over once in a while after work. Sometimes he would play cards, dice, or dominos with Sally and me, but not always. I had no idea why he had come by tonight as he usually called me first.

When I open the door and went inside, I found both Sally and Gary in the bedroom. Sally was on the internet, checking her

e-mail, and Gary was sitting on the edge of the bed. Sally had on one of the night gowns I really like. I knew for sure Sally had not expected Gary to stop by the house. If Sally had some warning, she would not have put on that red night gown. It had thin straps with and was made of a lacey see through material.

The gown really didn’t show much of her nipples when looking at it up close. Her shapely tits, however, were clearly visible. From about ten feet away, even Sally’s nipples could be seen clearly!

Sally informed me my dinner was in the fridge and I could heat it up in the microwave. I remembered how hungry I was, and decided to heat up my dinner and eat. While I was in the kitchen Gary came in and said he came by to use my computer and apply for another job on line.

My computer is located in the spare bedroom across from Sally’s room. I told Gary it would be ok and I would be there shortly to set it up. I started heating my dinner and turned on the computer and brought up the web site he wanted. Gary went to work on his application, and I brought my dinner into Sally’s room to finish it.

Sally and I decided to play solitaire on her computer. She hardly ever looses at that game. Anyway, she went first. We play three games and the one with the highest score looses. Sally began playing, and I worked on my dinner.

Pretty soon Gary called for me to give him a hand at what he was trying to do. Between finishing my dinner and helping Gary, Sally had won the first round. Normally we played two out of three to decide the winner.

As the looser, I got to go first on the second round. While I was playing Gary came in and offered both Sally and I a couple hits off his crank pipe. I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, and neither is Sally. We both had a couple of good rips. I could tell Sally was feeling good by the way she moved closer to Gary, leaned up against him, and finished off the pipe.

I had a night job at that time running the 24 hour driving range at a local golf course from 11:30 at night until 5:30 in the morning. I had found a practice club earlier that week and brought it home. Gary likes golf but was not that good. I thought perhaps he might like to have it and try and improve his game. I went and got it from the garage and let him have it.

By the time he thanked me, I had won the second round of solitaire, and Sally had started the third and final round. Gary in the mean time went back to my computer and continued working on his application.

Before I knew it, Sally finished her third round with a score I knew I could beat, and did. It had been a while since I had beaten Sally. I dashed to the car and retrieved the top I had bought earlier that day.

I came back to the bedroom with it, handed it to Sally and asked if I could take a couple of photos. I remember her telling me she would not do it with Gary in the house. I told her he was busy in the other room and would never know. The answer was still no. She did say I could take one photo of her in the red night gown if I made it quick while Gary was still on my computer. I got my camera and had Sally lower the right strap on the night gown, then put the camera away.

After I took the photo, we decided to play one more round before I had to leave for the golf course.

Just then Gary came into the bedroom and said he had to leave. He would finish up the application another time if I would save the web page for him. Gary said he was going to pick up some crank for a friend of his and more for himself. We all said good bye, and then he left.

Sally and I finished the second game, which she won. Loosing that game cost me twenty dollars. I reminded Sally I still had my first game winning photos to take. I started getting ready for my night job, which I considered a paid hobby. When I was done getting ready, it was about 10:45. I asked Sally again if I could take a couple of photos with her in the new top. Since Gary had left and we were alone, she said yes.

I got my camera and Sally put on the top. She looked really hot with it on. I wished she would have put it on when Gary was still here. I know he would have appreciated it as much, and probably more that I did!

I took 4 or 5 photos. My time was about to run out and I had to be leaving. When I went back into the computer room I saw that Gary had left his new training club behind. I knew Sally would be up for a while after doing the crank, so I gave Gary a call on his cell phone. He didn’t answer so I left a message. I told him Sally would obviously be up for a while. If he wanted to come back and pick up the training club he was welcome to do so.

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