Another Exhibitionistic Encounter

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She couldn’t wait; she gabbed my hair and turned my head to her swollen clit. I sucked and licked and stuck two fingers into her pussy as I did. She was moaning loudly. Even though there was music playing through the ceiling speakers I was sure the boys could hear her, we didn’t care. Marla came very quickly and I let it last for her as long as I could. My prick was still hard. I stood up she started clawing at my pants and fly like it was a ripcord on her parachute.

She sucked on me better than any Hoover could. She sucked on my balls and dick. She wrapped her free hand around my ass and plunged one finger in my asshole and kept sucking. I came violently in her mouth and right down her throat. My cum just kept squirting, the feeling was so intense as her finger moved around in my ass. We kissed for a while and washed up.

When we opened the door I went out first, then Marla. As I walked past the table with the kids adjusted my fly and winked at them. As Marla came out she licked and patted her lips with a tissue and to show the boys that she’d just given a blowjob she winked at them, too.

They just stared at her, mouths still open. As I opened the door I heard one say, “Oh my God I think she blew him.” I started an uncontrollable belly laugh all the way to the car.

As we reached our car and drove away I turned to Marla and said, “Boy that was fun.”

“Yeah it was. So what next?”, Marla asked with that devilish grin she wears so well.

I just smiled back.

(A lot more to cum…)

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