Another Exhibitionistic Encounter

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As she slid into the seat she said she wanted me to talk to her while she played with her pussy while I drove. She asked me to tell her what a big turn on it was for me to be the exhibitionist.

I did as instructed. I told her how my heart pounded when I knew the waitress was looking at my dick. How I got such a rush knowing she and Marla were both equally turned on by it. Marla said, “Oh me too baby, tell me more.” I talked for a few seconds more and she started to cum. She was so turned on it didn’t take long at all for the waves of pleasure to envelope her. She had one leg up on the dash and the other up high on the seat as she furiously worked on her pussy. I’m sure her screams were heard a mile away. She had totally drenched the seat.

We talked a little on the way home from the diner. We both wondered if this was what our sex life was becoming. We were a little concerned, but in a good way. We were both SO turned on by this but didn’t want this to be all we were about.

That weekend we went away and had some “us” time. No flashing or talk about involving other people in our sex life, we talk about that a lot too, just us.

It was really great just being together and hanging out sipping pina coladas on the beach on a tropical island. As we traveled home talked some more. We both realized we were still the same people, head over heels in love, but with a healthy passion for this newfound fun. We both felt this was bringing us closer together, as crazy as it may sound to some.

We also knew we were getting closer to involving other people physically in our sex life too. That scared and excited us equally, but we agreed we were doing this to have fun and we’d talk out anything that made either of us feel uncomfortable. Then with that put to bed, we turned the conversation to where to flash next.

A few days later we settled on this pizzeria about 15 minutes from our house. We figured we could manage a nice show there and they always had a slew of boys in there hanging out. They had about ten tables and a phone booth in the front of the store. We felt it was perfect. There were a few tables of boys fooling around and an empty table in view of the phone booth. Marla told me she was going to order a soda and a slice and sit down in front of the boys. I told her I’d sit in the phone booth and watch.

She looked really hot. Her hair was done a little wild but nice. She had on a mid-drift top that showed her tan belly and a fairly short skirt, and of course she was pantyless.

She ordered her slice and soda and sat down facing the boys. They noticed her right away. She sat with her legs crossed so they could see a little bit, not sure if it was panties or hair they could see, I’m sure.

The place was small enough that I could hear the boys talking.

One said, “Holy shit is she naked underneath?”

The other said, “Oh shit I think I can see her cunt.”

It’s not my favorite word but that’s what he said. I have to say these guys were truly amazed at what they saw.

Marla’s pizza was ready and she got up opening her legs and turning in her seat showing them a full view of her shaved pussy, tanned legs and obvious tan lines. All the boys’ mouths were agape. It was high school heaven for them, and for me for that matter. I was pretending to chat away on the phone. My dick was rock hard. I pulled it out and started to stroke it while looking at Marla’s pussy. She’d glance over at me, then the boys. She was having a ball eating the pizza. She was using her tongue a lot and licking the pizza oil from her lips and pulling the cheese till it snapped off and she’d use her tongue to roll it up to her mouth. She was definitely driving the boys and me crazy.

Marla looked over at me in the phone both and knew I was playing with my cock; she could see my rhythmic motions and gave me a, “Thanks a lot look,” at first. But, I couldn’t help myself it was SO intense.

Then she settled in and figured she’d give the boys and me a real good show. She accidentally spilled her soda and it traveled, in slow motion I might add, along the table and into her seat.

“Oh no.”

Two of the boys rushed over and started pulling napkins from the dispenser; another asked the kid making the pizzas for a rag. The napkin boys yielded to the one with the rag and he knelt down and, eye-to-pussy level, started to mop up the little mess on the floor.

When he was done Marla asked him to get another rag for the chair. He did and thrust out his hand and Marla just looked down at her lap. The boy gently mopped up the soda on her chair. He was careful but when the rag brushed up against her clit she jumped a little.

She thanked the boy and stood up a little wet with soda and went to the bathroom. I finished my imaginary phone call and followed her.

The bathroom door was in full sight of the boys but not the pizza guy. The boys watched Marla go in the bathroom and as I passed them I heard one say, “Boy would I like to be a fly on that wall.” I walked right in the bathroom; it was a one-person job. Small but it would do.

I immediately started kissing her as my hands found her drenched pussy; I dropped to my knees and sat her round cheeks on the sink. I kissed and licked her thighs. They tasted nice and sugary from the soda.

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