Another Exhibitionistic Encounter

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“We did the oil and lube thing last night,” Marla said to him.

He talked to Marla while the tank slowly filled. Marla’s shirt hung so I knew he saw a good portion of her tit. She was in her exhibitionist role again and was really turned on by this. I’m sure she was making this guy’s day. He was a typical grease monkey; you just knew he’d never seen this before, at least not at work. As we left we noticed the line of neglected cars that had built up and both had a nice chuckle.

We had a difficult time finding that prolonged rush our first experience had given us. We were finding out planning it was tough. Initially we really figured we’d have a bit more luck than we were having. But this was a strong urge that we both had so there was no talk of stopping.

One day we were at the diner for light breakfast after going to the gym. We walked in and the waitress sat us in a booth. We were both in our workout clothes, baggy shorts and t-shirts. The waitress took our order and looked down at the floor, and kinda under the table, as she left, for a moment longer than a casual glance. I leaned over the table and looked. I didn’t see anything. Marla did the same. She looked up smiling and said.

“You little devil.”

I said, “Huh.”

“Rusty, your balls are hanging out.”

I closed my legs suddenly knowing how Marla felt when I told her that day we test-drove the Navigator.

Marla smiled and said she liked it and asked if I’d flash the waitress some more.

I said, “Yeah c’mon get real. I’ll get arrested.”

Marla said if it looked like she was mad or flustered I could stop. It sounded logical so I figured, what the hell. I slid my balls back in a bit and pulled out the already growing head of my cock. The waitress came back with the drinks and immediately noticed.

Marla really loved this and, although I was a little nervous, I did too. I figured the cops have arrested many perverts like me, not many like Marla.

But the waitress seemed to really enjoy this. Marla took extra time ordering, asking the waitress’s opinion, and after I ordered, Marla changed her order to keep her there a bit longer. I was fully hard and the waitress was writing but staring at my dick most of the time.

I found it a big turn on to be the exhibitionist. I was thinking I’d better eat this up because there’d not be many repeat performances for me, but it was fun.

I started stroking my cock under the table. Each time she’d walk by she look at it. I ‘d spot her across the room looking. Once I saw her looking and biting her lip. This was so cool, I’d never been in this role and could really feel what my lovely wife has felt these past few times. It was simply intoxicating.

I told Marla I had to go to the bathroom and jerk off.

“No,” She said.

Then she dared me to do it right there. I complied reluctantly at first. As I started to get into it the waitress came over and asked us if we wanted anything else. Then my beautiful wife dropped her napkin.

The waitress said, “Oh let me get that.”

She bent down on one knee and got a real good view of my pre-cum covered cock in my hand. I didn’t move. I was frozen as she knelt there. Our eyes met and I could just sense how sexed up she was.

Marla said thank you to her. The waitress put the check on the table and said to pay her when we were ready.

I said, “I’m ready now.”

She said, ” I see that.”

Marla said I turned a little red at that comment. I handed her my credit card.

Marla then said to me, “I want you to jerk off and cum before she gets back.”

Without hesitation I grabbed my cock and stated spreading the pre-cum over the shaft to lubricate it up a little. I started jerking up and down really fast.

I was working against the clock. We were lucky there weren’t many people around. As I felt the wave of pleasure come over me the waitress started walking over. I was at the point of no return. My long fast strokes turned to slow short ones. As she stopped at the table I was in the process of squirting cum as she put the credit card receipt on the table. I aimed my weapon toward Marla’s legs and just let loose.

I pretty sure the waitress didn’t know I was coming, but she smiled and winked at Marla as she turned. Marla was so hot over this incident. She said the hot cum shooting on her leg, as the waitress stood there, was such a friggin’ turn on. “WOW”, she said and would keep saying it for months, even years, to come.

I cleaned off the best I could and we went to our car. Marla opened the car door and, while still standing outside, slid off her shorts and panties and got in. This diner, like most, had full-length tinted windows at all the booths. I know she had to have given someone a nice show with that move.

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