Another Exhibitionistic Encounter

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After our first adventure, an SUV shopping experience, Marla and I were on a sexual high for weeks. We talked about her accidental flashing and how once she realized what she was doing it enveloped her body and mind.

Each and every time we’d bring it up in conversation we’d get so hot we’d commit some kind of sex act right then and there. It became a little game we would play. Wherever we were if one of us brought it up we’d somehow get off, a few times in our car, several times we had phone sex each at our respective jobs and once in a movie theater and in a nightclub.

The images from that day filled our minds and even our everyday lives. At times it was so intense we’d close our eyes and feel transported back to that very day. We were both quickly becoming obsessed with the whole situation. We came to the realization that our only choice at the present was to give in to this completely.

With that decided now all we had to figure out was our next adventure.

We settled on trying to repeat the past. It didn’t sound like it’d be hard to get lightning to strike in the same place twice. We both thought any guy would like to view Marla’s delectable treat. So we headed out to try and recreate our car-shopping excursion.

This had to go even better, we figured, since we’d be choreographing it from the start. We decided to again go out on a weekday afternoon; it seemed better for more attention. It was the beginning of April and a bit warmer outside as well.

We figured we’d try a smaller car like a Firebird, Camaro or Mustang. We figured it’d be easier to flash with the tight quarters. We arrived at a Chevy dealer across the river from us. We looked around and found a pleasant looking salesman. He asked us what we were looking for. We told him a Z28; he told us he had none on the lot. We asked him if he had anything we could test drive to see if we’d at least like the car. He said he did and asked one of us to submit a driver’s license and he left to copy it. He returned with Marla’s license and a dealer license plate and asked us to follow him.

He took us to a base V6 Camaro, put the plate on, handed me the keys and said “When you get back just park it in the same place for me, would ya?”

Marla immediately said, “But you’re not coming?”

He said no he didn’t have to; he trusted us.

I said, “I’d feel better if you came with us.”

He said, “No, no, not necessary. We trust you here,” and walked off smiling.

Marla looked at me, I dropped the keys on the seat and we both walked to our car and drove off. I wasn’t going drive that dog Camaro if I didn’t have to. We were both kinda discouraged but we figured we’d try it one more time that day. Marla was dressed for the occasion. And she looked very, very hot.

This time she had on a loose sweater and a blue 22″ skirt. She didn’t want to go too short. She had her hair done perfect and her makeup was flawless. She had on light purple eye shadow and her lips were a light pink. Her nails were done to match her eyes. She had nude suspender stockings and no panties or bra. She looked very hot and sexy, not trampy, although her trampy look is fabulous too.

Our next victim was at a Ford dealer. We told the salesman we were interested in a Mustang convertible. The salesman was a little chunky but pleasant enough looking. We went through the same process with copying the license. He too took us outside and told us he’d see us when we got back. I then asked him if he wanted to come.

He said, “I really can’t fit in the back.”

Marla chimed in, “No need to, I’ll sit back there.”

She opened the driver’s door, got in behind my seat and started to get comfortable. There wasn’t very much room there at all. Trust me, this was not an easy task for her to flash in this car. But she arranged herself so she’d be able to flash our new friend. As I started the car the salesman immediately noticed Marla’s cramped position and offered to stay behind. He said wouldn’t feel right with Marla so cramped back there.

At that Marla said, “No, no I have room,” and opened her legs to give him a clear shot of her pussy. He immediately got flustered, turned around and muttered for me to drive north on the road.

Marla and I figured we could get him a little more comfortable. As we drove Marla and I started talking to him but he was like a clam. And it got no better. After about 5 minutes I gave up and asked Marla if she wanted to drive. She said she didn’t and she wanted to go back. I got out and purposely shut my door quickly so she would have to scoot over and get out his side. He helped her get out and stole a cheap glance. He asked us to come inside to fill out some paperwork. We told him we’d be in in a moment. We both decided this was going nowhere so we walked to our car and ditched him.

A few days later we figured we’d try and do something new for us. Marla wanted to flash her breasts; we’d never done that. So Marla put on this muscle T-shirt that hung pretty loosely on her. When she bent or turned even the slightest it offered a pretty good view of her wonderful C-cup breasts.

While looking around for places to go we went to a full service gas station. Marla rolled her window down and with that dirty smile she has mastered so well, told the guy, “Fill me up.”

I was sure the attendant was getting a very nice view of her tits. As the car filled with gas he came around and asked if he could check the oil.

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