Anatomy Teacher

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Brian got off the desk and stood beside it while the anatomy teacher lay down where he had been, including placing her purse under her head. Smiling at him, she cupped one of her succulent breasts in either hand.

“These are secondary sex organs; that is, they develop while a girl is growing into womanhood. However, they are designed to function in conjunction with a mouth, either of a baby or a man. Suppose you show me what you know about that latter use.”

He was extremely eager to do just that, and Brian leaned over the sexy woman lying on the desk, held one of her luscious breasts in his hand and started to lick the nipple, which was firm. At first, he used broad strokes of his tongue, reveling in the way the adorable pink nubbin quickly became fully erect under his ministrations, and he could feel the tiny ridges and the pebbly surface of her areola. When he transferred his attentions to the other nipple, it was rigid already and felt the same to his tongue. The teacher was squirming on her desk and cooing happily as he alternated between them, clearly demonstrating his knowledge of the relationship between them and his mouth and how they fit together so well.

“Oooo, yes,” she murmured. You are very good. That feels wonderful, but now, take one of my secondary sex organs into your mouth and suck on it. Yes! Yes! Like that,” she exclaimed as her student’s mouth enveloped one of her breasts.

With his lips forming a seal, Brian sucked on the delectable breast, while his tongue continued to caress the nipple and areola. Without being told, he moved his mouth to the other lovely mound and treated it the same way. The excited woman’s body was writhing on the desk, and she urged him to continue.

“Yes! Yes! You’re doing that just right. Keep licking and sucking my boobies.”

He may or may not have noticed the departure from her professionalism, but he continued doing what she wanted, which was what he wanted too. Her breasts were big and warm and soft, except for her nipples, which were hard under his tongue, and felt perfect in his mouth. Brian’s nose could also detect the even more tempting scent of her pussy as she started to lubricate more heavily. He wanted to kiss and suck and nuzzle his way down her body and start licking her there, but he felt he should probably wait for her directions. Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait long for them.

Miss Brown pushed on his shoulder, and he raised his head from what he had been doing. “That was excellent, Mr. Johnson. You are a very apt pupil. But, now it is time for you to demonstrate your knowledge of how your mouth and my primary female sex organ function together. Just let me move down to the end of the desk.”

He was quite sure what she had in mind so, although he would have preferred to apply his mouth to places in between, such as her soft belly and her navel. Brian stood up and watched until she scooted down so her ass was hanging over the edge of the desk and her legs were spread. He got on his knees between them and helped her raise her legs so they rested on his shoulders. Without being instructed, he wrapped his arms around her thighs, so his face was inches away from the source of the enticing fragrance.

“That’s very good, Mr. Johnson. You are in the correct position in relation with my primary sex organ. Now, let’s see if you know what to do with your mouth.”

His good looks weren’t the only reason Brian was popular with the girls in the school he attended, because he knew very well what to do with his mouth, and this was a common topic of their discussions. He began by licking off the juices that had flowed from Miss Brown’s pussy down the insides of her thighs and found they tasted even better than they smelled. After licking everything from her legs, his tongue began caressing her crotch, covering the entire area at the apex of her thighs and catching the juices as they trickled from the beautiful pink hole that was their source. He decided not to wait for any more directions for a while, because he was absolutely positive he knew enough about eating a pussy to satisfy her, but he was a bit surprised when he saw she had no hair in her pubic area.

“Yes, that’s good. You’re doing very well,” Carolyn encouraged her newest and best boytoy. She was very glad she had shaved her pussy that morning as part of her plan to derive the most pleasure from her seduction of the young man.

Brian was glad of it too, once his tongue got more active. Every pussy he had eaten before had been covered with hair, usually soft and fluffy because the girls were young, but still something of a nuisance. The pussy under his mouth that day was soft and smooth and reminded him of a warm satin pillow he had held against his face one day in his grandmother’s house. Slowly, he licked an outer lip all the way to her soft Mount of Venus, where he kissed her before bringing his mouth back to where he had started. He feasted on all the juices that had been secreted and his tongue started up the other outer lip, which felt just as delightful.

Carolyn was moaning in bliss and her body was writhing on top of her desk from what the mouth of the young man was doing. “Yes! Yes, like that. You’re doing that just right, Brian.”

He was happy to hear that and even happier about the way the teacher’s body was moving under his ministrations. It was obvious she was reveling as much as he in the way he was eating her pussy, and maybe even more. Taking his time, for he was not expected home until late, his tongue meandered slowly up the second outer lip and kissed her mons again. Brian raised his head then and observed how her body was rocking back and forth on her ass, her eyes were closed, and her red mouth was open in a smile of joy. When he lowered his eyes again, he saw how Miss Brown’s unusually big clit had pushed itself almost all the way out from under its hood and resembled a beautiful pearl.

She felt his tongue cease its required task of pleasuring her and looked up to see Brian’s face, with her juices smeared all over his mouth and nose. “Don’t stop!” she insisted. “Eat my pussy! Make me cum!”

Once again, he ignored her departure from the usually detached educator and lowered his mouth to devour all the fresh nectar that just been produced. He started licking between an inner and outer lip, canting his head slightly and thrusting his tongue between them when he reached the place where they are close together. The sensations were incredible, with the slick outer lip of the excited woman against the upper surface and the soft, spongy inner lip being massaged by the lower edge of his tongue. He licked all the way to her inner lip, then immediately brought his mouth lower to feast on her fresh nectar, before starting to lick between the other pair of lips.

He treated these the same as he had the others, taking his time and reveling in the way the woman on the desk was thrashing about, and her moans of bliss that had started ending in whimpers. This time, when he reached the end of her inner lip, he pressed his mouth tightly against her pussy and started thrusting his tongue against the small area between the pink hole that was producing the gushers of delicious juice he had been devouring and her swollen clit. Her wild movements became even wilder and she loudly urged him to continue.

“Yes! Yes!” the anatomy teacher encouraged him in his academic efforts. “Suck me there! Suck my clit! Make me cum like crazy!”

Being a good student and anxious to learn and to demonstrate his proficiency, Brian moved his face slightly and drew the engorged love button into his eager mouth. As they had with her nipples, his lips formed a seal at the base, and he sucked on her engorged clit while his tongue caressed the swollen sides and top of the little darling. He was afraid Miss Brown might throw herself off the top of the desk, her movements were so erratic and strenuous.

“Right there! Right there!” she cried. “Oh, god, I’m cumming!”

She clamped her thighs onto Brian’s temples and her hands grabbed the back of his head to mash his face against her pussy. While she held him a prisoner there, her upper body started rising and falling while her legs swung from side to side, carrying her star pupil’s head a very willing prisoner. Brian clung to her legs and kept his mouth securely clamped onto her clit and continued his licking and sucking while enjoying the wild ride.

“Oh, god!” Carolyn Brown cried out louder than ever as she climaxed. All her muscles clenched and she thrust her pussy into Brian’s face for a final time before completely relaxing on top of the desk with her arms sprawled at her sides and her legs draped over his shoulders. Her eyes were closed in bliss and a smile of ecstasy was almost bisecting her face.

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