Anatomy Teacher

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“Well, Mr. Johnson, you seem to be having a great deal of difficulty in learning about the different organs of the human body and how they function. Why do you suppose that is?”

“I don’t know, Miss Brown. I can never seem to keep all the body parts straight in my head. There are just so many of them and they do so many different things it’s hard to keep them straight.”

As Brian Johnson looked at Carolyn Brown, he thought about a body part of his that was hard and straight and that he would love to get into her. She had long dark hair that flowed over her shoulders and a pretty, smiling face with soft, generous features, but what he noticed the most were her big breasts. The anatomy teacher was wearing what was practically a uniform among her female associates in that high school, a dark skirt and white blouse, but the way her luscious breasts were spilling out over the top was not even close to the usual way such attire was worn.

It was strange too because, although her clothing was the same as it had been during the class he had with her that morning, she seemed to look different during their after-school session than she had then. Her hair looked different too. He couldn’t think of any time he’s ever seen her when it wasn’t pinned back, but she certainly looked better than she had earlier. I guess she just likes to relax at the end of the day, just like anybody else, he surmised.

Until he enrolled in the class, Brian hadn’t even known what it was about. He had looked over the description in the course catalog, which described it as a combination of anatomy and physiology. Not knowing what either of those words meant, he read further and learned the class involved learning about the human body and how it operates. He decided it would be a cinch for him to pass. Being tall and good looking and popular with girls, he thought he already knew a lot about how the human body works, especially the way his own body worked in conjunction with the bodies of those girls.

However, he was dismayed when, after the class started, he discovered it was all about things he had never even heard about. If he had read a little further or asked some questions, he would have learned the class was intended for students who hoped to go on to pre-med at college after graduation, which he had no thought of doing. Almost immediately, he fell behind and had not been able to catch up.

Carolyn Brown was familiar with students like Brian, and she had her own way of helping them through her class. She liked tall, good-looking young men as much as any girl or woman does and, at 38 years old, she was at the peak of her sexual desires. Being unmarried and very attractive, she was able to satisfy those desires with her choice of partners, and the students in the high school where she taught made up the biggest part of them. Before putting any moves on anybody, she always verified his age as being at least 18 years old, and she had done so with Brian, so there was nothing preventing her from enjoying him sexually after school that day. She was assuming, safely, he would be more than willing, because none of the young men she had targeted as sex partners had ever been even the least bit averse to her ample charms.

Knowing Brian would be coming to see her in the classroom after school ended for the day, Carolyn had made the necessary preparations. She had cleaned off her desk so the top was empty except for a large purse on one end. The shade on the window that looked out into the hall was pulled all the way down and, when he entered and closed the door behind himself, it had locked the way she had set it to. Nobody could see into the class room and nobody could enter without a key until she or the student opened the door from the inside. More important, to avoid delays and any kind of fumbling, she had removed her bra and panties and shoes and stockings.

“Well, Mr. Johnson, I know you’re not stupid. I believe what you need to help you learn more about human bodily functions is a practical demonstration. Come up here and lie on your back on top of the desk.”

“Lay on the desk? Will that help me remember?”

“It’s ‘lie’ on the desk and, yes, I guarantee it will help.”

Curious but somewhat reluctantly, Brian got off his chair and, as Miss Brown watched, lay on top of her desk. He noticed her breasts seemed more visible than they had a few minutes earlier, and realized most of the buttons of her blouse were not fastened. Puzzled but willing to learn, he stretched out on top of the desk and rested his head on the purse she slid into place for him.

Carolyn smiled at the way things were working out and stood up next to where she could see a bulge in his pants. “I’ll start with a demonstration of this,” she said, reaching out to lightly take hold of the cock that was growing bigger and harder inside his pants. “But first, I need to get more comfortable.”

Hardly believing what was happening, Brian gawked at the anatomy teacher. Having her hand squeeze his cock had been one of the greatest surprises in his life, but another was happening before his eyes. Miss Brown was unfastening the rest of the buttons on her blouse and, when she was done, she pulled it off and hung it on the back of her chair. She had not been wearing a bra, although he was sure she had been before, and her big breasts swayed enticingly when she moved closer and leaned over his crotch.

This time she unbuckled his belt, unzipped his blue jeans and started to pull them down. Reflexively, he raised his ass from the surface of the desk, and she pulled his pants to mid-thigh. His jockey shorts were treated the same way and, when she was done with that part of the demonstration, her hand was lightly holding his cock, which was about as hard as he could remember it ever being.

Her hand was well-filled, but that wasn’t what the eager woman had on her mind. “I’m sure you know the function of this,” she said. “But watch how well it fits together with the parts of a woman’s body.”

With her tongue, she lightly stroked the head of Brian’s cock and licked under the ridge. “Observe how well my tongue fits to the contours,” she commented. “But that’s only a small example of how your primary sex organ and a female mouth go together. Here is a better example.”

After that, she didn’t say anything, because the horny woman had started to engulf the student’s cock in her mouth. She began by nestling the head in her lips while licking and relishing the hard, velvety surface, but her tongue soon began to circumscribe the ridge. Moving slowly, Carolyn enveloped the hard cock until the head was pressed against the back of her throat. She loved the way her mouth was filled so satisfyingly and how the smooth skin stretched over the hard roundness felt to her tongue.

Once again, Carolyn removed her mouth from the cock she was pleasuring and that was pleasuring her. “Even though your primary sex organ is quite long and thick, it fits perfectly into my mouth. I will demonstrate again.”

This time, her demonstration of that compatibly involved giving the young man deep throat. Once again, she slowly enveloped his cock, but she did not stop when the end reached the back of her mouth. Instead, she opened her throat wide and took him all the way down, until his pubic hair was tickling her lips and nose. She raised her head slowly, her agile tongue caressing his shaft all the time, until only the head was cosseted between her lips. Keeping it there, she smiled at the young man with his head on her purse and lowered her face to engulf the entire shaft until her lips were being tickled again.

She didn’t say anything more for a while, because her lips and tongue were more pleasantly engaged. Slowly moving her head up and down, she was avidly taking the entire length of his cock into her mouth. Carolyn loved giving special help to studly students such as Brian, especially when they could provide her with erections as big and hard as his. The girth spread her lips apart perfectly and the shaft filled her mouth without cramming it too full. She was able to move it around and caress it with her tongue and the entire inside of her mouth. Slowly, she sucked him off, her lips and tongue caressing him until she felt his cock start to throb inside her mouth.

She didn’t stop then, because she was just getting to the best part. Carolyn clamped her lips more tightly on the thick shaft and increased her speed. She shortened the strokes of her mouth too, because she didn’t want him to climax and squirt his cum down her throat without giving her a chance to fully enjoy it. Seconds later, the big cock in her mouth jerked, and she tasted and felt a big gob of cum land on her tongue, right where she wanted it. Even after that, Carolyn didn’t stop, but kept sucking and was rewarded by two more spurts of semen gushing into her mouth.

She removed his cock and held it gently in her fingers while she swirled his cum in her mouth, relishing the taste and texture, until she finally let it slip down her throat. Carolyn still wasn’t done, and she held Brian’s cock, almost fully erect still, upright so she could lick all the juices from the outside. When they were all gone, she held the tip in her mouth and used the fingers and thumb of that same hand to gently squeeze out the cum that was still inside and catch it on her tongue. She enjoyed this mouthful the same way until it also slipped down her throat.

“That was very well done, Mr. Johnson. You just showed me you are very well aware of the way a woman’s mouth and a man’s primary sex organ function together. Of course, a man’s mouth can also function equally well with a woman’s primary sex organ, and that will be the next thing we demonstrate here today, if you want to.”

Brian was sure he knew what she meant, and was eager to demonstrate how he could eat her pussy. For one thing, he could already smell the delectable aroma of her flowing juices. “Thank you Miss Brown. Yes, I believe I would like very much to work with you to demonstrate that.”

“Very well. First, I will have to prepare my primary sex organ and then I will have to lie down where you are.” As she spoke, Carolyn unfastened the waist of her skirt, pulled it off, leaving herself completely naked, and hung the garment across the back of her chair.

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