An Unusual Wedding Night

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After just a few moments, he couldn’t stand it and he pulled her up off him and turned her over on her back. She reached down and managed to spread her legs open wide and gasped at how soaked the bed was. He reached out, took her hand in his own and guided it to her pussy. She had no idea, since she couldn’t feel it, that it was that wet and hot!

“Shave me!” she hoarsely whispered.

He was glad to oblige. He jumped up off the bed, practically ran to the bathroom and returned with her razor, shaving cream and a wet washcloth. Within minutes, she was as smooth as a baby and he was even more eager to get inside her as he saw just how hot and swollen she was.

She pulled her legs apart and upward the best she was able and he held her ass up in the air to meet him. Slowly, he pushed his head within her boiling cunt and groaned as he slowly worked himself in. The only sounds were breathing and wet skin rubbing against wet skin as he inched his way into her inviting depths. He felt her virgin skin snap as he slipped in the last few inches, thankful she could not feel any pain from what he had done. He leaned down and began kissing, biting and sucking on her amazing tits and womb again. She cried out as she felt another orgasm building in her tummy. By now, he was going at a good speed in & out of her tight cunt. All the while, he kept his arms wrapped around her back and never allowed his lips to leave her incredible chest. Soon, he knew he could hold it no more and he pull her all the way against him and emptied what seemed like gallons of hot seed inside her! Though she had not actually felt it much as he slid himself within her, she definitely felt the hot liquid hit the top of her womb and seem to fill her entirely. Her orgasm erupted like a fire hose on full force. She cried out, releasing her grip on her legs and forcefully pulling his head harder to her chest. They both collapsed on the bed, with him still on top, panting and unable to even think. Gradually, their breathing returned to normal and he rolled off her. Laying on his side, he pulled her to him and kissed her full on the mouth.

“I love you, beautiful.” It was all that needed to be said.

They fell asleep that way and woke only hours later, with her in need of being nursed again, which he gladly did and she drifted off with him still attached to her chest, sucking away.

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