An Unusual Wedding Night

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She had dreamed about this night for months. As her husband of just a few hours placed their bags inside the honeymoon suite, she quickly slipped into the bathroom to change. As she undressed, she continued to marvel that he truly wanted to be with her, that he hadn’t just married her out of some guilt trip or sympathetic idea. She’d been born paralyzed from the waist down and he knew they would face a host of medical issues in the years ahead, but still he wanted her.

“I’m not marrying your wheelchair…I’m marrying YOU!” he often whispered on those late night dates when she continued to express her concern that he really didn’t know what he was getting himself into. In reality, he had a pretty good idea what they were dealing with. He’d done the research, even long before he had popped the question.

Well, this was their first big test. She could feel nothing from her waist down and was afraid that she would disappoint him in bed tonight. They’d talked openly about sex and what it would mean in the relationship. He had assured her that he only wanted to do what she was comfortable with. They weren’t sure if they’d have children with her situation, so the pressure to get pregnant wasn’t there. She’d seen several articles on the Internet and in magazines about women being able to induce lactation without a recent pregnancy, and they’d decided it might be fun to try. She had tried several methods to bring her milk in and had finally found one that worked. As a matter of fact, it had worked quite well.

As she released the catches of her bra, she winced at the pain in her chest. She’d not been able to pump since this morning and she was dying for him to relieve the pressure. Quickly, she slipped the semi-transparent red lace gown around behind her and tied the single ribbon around her chest. Smiling, she slowly opened the door to find him already in bed, waiting.

“There you are, love!” His grin turned to a huge O as he skimmed her well-rounded body with his eyes. They had saved themselves for each other and had not even gone beyond a good night kiss until just now.

“Like it, hon?” She smiled as he tried to cover up the bulge that was growing underneath the bedcovers.

“Oh, babe…” It was all he could get out. She wheeled over to his side of the bed and he sat up, grabbed her, and kissed her soundly! “Can I touch you?”

She just laughed. “Lover, tonight you can do whatever you want to me!”

With that, he lifted her out of her chair & set her on the bed, reclining against the pillows. He leaned over and kissed her again as his hand began delicately exploring her face, trailing down her neck and shoulders to her chest. When he reached her tits, he tenderly cupped them in his hands and squeezed them ever so gently. She let out a low moan, partly from the pleasure & partly from the pain and heard him gasp as two wet spots formed on her gown.

“I told you I wanted to try to nurse you tonight. Now come lay down and I’ll feed you a midnight snack!”

That was all the encouragement he needed! He quickly untied the ribbons and allowed the gown to fall on either side. He climbed over her and lay down on the bed. She took an extra pillow and put it in her lap & guided his head onto it. When he was comfortable, she held her right breast and guided it gently into his eager mouth! He moaned into her flesh with delight as he took her nipple between his lips and began sucking. Because she was so full, it took little time for the milk to flow freely into his greedy mouth. She held his head in her arms and smiled down at him reveling in the thrill of nursing the love of her life. After several minutes, her mind took a back seat to her body as she began feeling the warm glow that started deep in her chest and spread down to her womb and all the way up to her face. She laid her head back against the pillow and closed her eyes, breathing deeply, not wanting it to build too quickly. She didn’t need to worry because within a few minutes, he released her breast from his mouth. She gasped and looked down at him questioningly.

“It’s empty. Can I start on the other?”

“YES!” She was almost too eager, but he had seen the look on her face, heard her breathing and knew what that meant. He smiled and took her other nipple in his mouth. This time she concentrated on the feeling she’d had at the end. As he nursed, this time he reached out and used his hand on her other, now empty, mammary. He cupped it softly, squeezing, pulling and occasionally pinching the nipple. Soon she was grasping his head and pulling it hard to her chest as her arousal built. Why on earth was she so worried about not cumming tonight??? She was gonna cum just from the tit play!!! The heavy breathing turned to gasps as she headed full steam for her first ever orgasm.

Now, there are orgasms, and there are ORGASMS! And she was definitely destined for the latter. Just as she was about to fall head first over that edge, she opened her eyes and looked down at her hubby again. The smile on his face as he kept suckling was all the encouragement she needed! She threw her head back, pulled him hard to her chest and CAME! He was rewarded for his own effort with an absolute flood of sweet milk that flowed from her soft tit. He swallowed deeply and was thankful she was nearly empty.

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