After I Caught Her

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I got home and she was waiting at the door. She still had on her white blouse and her half-bra (which almost let you see a peek of nipple), her short black schoolgirl skirt, and taupe pantyhose on. I could see that she was nervous. She took my hand, led me upstairs to our bedroom and sat me in a chair off to one side of the room where I could see everything, but not be in the way. She explained to me that she expected me to follow the rules we had agreed upon; no touching, no talking, no undressing and no jacking off while she was putting on her show, otherwise she would finish her fingering elsewhere.

“This is it, this is what I have been waiting for fourteen years to see” I thought to myself.

She started by looking at herself in her full length mirror, taking her hands and rubbing down the sides of her hips, arching her back to make her breasts jut out. Then she slowly removed her blouse, being careful not to let her hands touch her breasts. Her breasts almost exposed by the lace half-bra, as she slowly took the palms of her hands and slid them down her chest, coming to rest cupping her breasts. She gently squeezed them and teased her nipples through the fabric of the bra. Her nipples began to strain at the confinement of the material. She removed her hands from her breasts and began rubbing her thighs more forcefully. Her hands made their way to the back of her skirt to unhook and unzip it. She let it fall to the floor in a ring around her feet.

She backed away from the mirror as if in a trance and sat on the bed, still watching her reflection in the mirror as transfixed. Her hands began massaging her breasts again, as she allowed her hands to travel closer to her pelvis, her face was flush now. She ran her hands up and down the inside of her thighs, being careful not to touch her pussy yet. Her legs parted and she began rubbing as close to her pussy as she could get without actually touching it. The way her legs were spread I could see a dark spot growing in her nylons. Her breath was coming much more shallow. Now she directly rubbed the lips of her nylon confined pussy as her back arched to allow her easier access to her own hot pussy.

She interrupted herself to stand up and remove her nylons, which she threw in my direction. By this time my cock was so hard I thought it was going to poke a hole in my jeans. I could feel the wetness in the front of my jeans from the pre-cum oozing from my cock. Now, she throws her wet, pussy scented nylons at me. I grabbed them and smelled the delicious smell of her pussy.

Terri continues to massage her pussy outside her white cotton panties. Well, white except for the growing dark spot her wetness is making on them. Even though she has not actually put her fingers on her slit, I can see her panties creasing in her pussy. She moves her attention once again to her breasts, as she pulls the cups down to release her titty flesh to the open air. Her tits bounce as she squirms in her excitement. She licks her fingers and rubs her nipples; they stiffen in the cool breeze from the window. I can tell that she is no longer consciously aware that I am in the room.

Terri takes one of her tits and pulls it up to her mouth so she can suck on her own nipple as her hips begin to move slightly. She takes her other tit in her mouth and sucks on it. After this her nipples are distended and bright pink. Terri now turns her attention to removing her panties. She slowly takes her index finger and rubs it ever so lightly up and down the crevice in her panties, gathering moisture on her finger. She raises her finger to her lips and licks the girl juices form her finger.

She took her thumbs and hooked them in the waistband of her panties to slowly remove them. She then removed her bra to free her tits. “God she’s beautiful” I thought. I could hardly sit still or breathe, at the absolutely erotic sight of watching my wife get herself off in front of me. I was so horny I wanted to grab my cock and jack off, but I knew that would be the end of the show.

Now she lay on the bed with her legs slightly parted, so I could see the glistening slit between her legs. She began by placing her palm on her mound and rubbing gently. She then starts to trace a triangle around her pussy. The triangle is getting almost imperceptibly smaller as she works her finger closer to her now dripping slit. She begins to lightly trace her finger up and down her slit, teasing herself into an even more heightened sense of excitement.

As her fingers work their way up and down her slit her legs involuntarily spread. Now I could see all of her beautiful pussy. Her slit was starting to spread and expose her vulva. As her pussy continued to drip she began to trace small circles around her clit, making sure not to touch it directly. Her left hand is massaging the nipple of her left tit, in a sporadically gentle to rough motion, sometimes squeezing, sometimes massaging. She is totally in her own little world now. Her left hand trails its way down between her tits making its way to her splayed pussy.

Her right hand is now fingering her clit lightly as her left hand is tracing up and down her slit, teasing her pussy lips. I can see her vulva beginning to become engorged as she continues to tease her clit and her pussy lips. As her slit involuntarily spreads open in hopes of more attention, her right index finger is now earnestly rubbing her now fully erect clit. At the same time her left index finger is alternately tracing up and down her soaked pussy lips and inserting it into her hot hole. Her pulsing pussy was trying to grip her elusive finger as it darted in and out of her now steaming pussy.

She took the finger of her left hand that had just been buried deep in her wet pussy and began licking it off and sucking on it. Now her right index finger is frigging the side of her clitoral hood giving her sensitive clit the attention she desperately wants to give it, yet decreasing the friction of direct contact with her clit. I can see how much her excitement has increased as her hips move up and down in rhythm with the fingering of her hole. I could see the almost pained look on her face as she got closer to her peak. Her hips began to shake and the wetness from her pussy began pooling around her ass cheeks as it ran down her ass crack.

The whole room smelled so wonderfully of her pussy. I drank in the heavenly smell. As she got closer and closer to her orgasm her hips began to shake and buck uncontrollably. She began to moan and grunt as she was now slamming two of her fingers in and out of her now fully engorged slit. Her juices coated her hand. I could tell she was close, almost to the point that I caught her at the other day. Watching her Jill was even sexier than I had imagined. Her impending orgasm was close now as she began breathing very shallow and fast. Her pussy walls were beginning to contract around her fingers. Her whole body shuddered for a couple minutes as she arched her back to meet her probing fingers. Her body tensed, her orgasm taking control of her body. As she continued to shudder in ecstasy she sighed and she collapsed on the bed fulfilled and relaxed as her pussy continued it pulsing.

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