Aaal-most Anal!

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The bathroom smelled strangely of musky strawberries and the earthy, squishy sounds of our coupling echoed loudly. Then, suddenly we heard a pounding on the metal door. “Awww, dammit!” I cursed.

A gruff voice yelled, “Open up in there. This is the store manager!” followed by more pounding.

“Don’t you dare pull out now, ” Addie growled as her hand rubbed her pussy raw. In spite of the unexpected interruption, I could tell she was about to come. “Come for me! Shoot up my ass! Now! Ohhhhh! YES!!!”

As if in response, I stopped trying to hold back. I pushed in one last time and held myself as deeply in her ass as I could while I felt first one, then two, then three…four electrifying spurts of cream unleashed into Addie’s bowels. After that, I pulled out quickly and started to pull on my pants. The pounding continued. I reached out and touched my partner’s raw anus as I saw it dripping my thick white sauce. “Stop that!” she said, slapping my hand away. “Hurry up and get dressed. That pounding is starting to annoy me.”

“I warn you. I’m going to break this door in! I’ll call the police!”

With that, Addie, now fully composed, removed the block she had placed on the door when we entered and exited the bookstore’s bathroom while I waited behind. Through the door I could hear the small crowd of noontime customers murmuring among themselves as the Manager chastised Addie. “Young woman, I don’t know where you think you are or what you…”

“I will have you know,” she started, “that I am NEVER shopping in this store again! Is this how you treat a loyal customer just seeking to relieve herself? Pounding on the door like a lunatic? What is the matter with YOU, sir? Can a woman have NO privacy around here at all! I spend quite a bit of money in your store and here I have to put up with you hovering and threatening I don’t know what! I’ll have you know I am appalled, offended and…and… I MAY sue you!!” With that she walked away as the crowd of mostly young mothers began to applaud.

“But…But…” he sputtered. “She…! I…!”

While he was watching her walk away, I finally exited the ladies room behind him. As I did so, I picked up the “Temporarily Closed” sign I had placed in front of the door when we had entered and slipped it behind my back. “Problem, boss?” I inquired.

“Colvin?” he asked without even turning to look at me. ” It’s been a bizarre day. Are you still on lunch?”

“Uh, no, sir,” I grinned to myself. ” As a matter of fact, I just got off.”


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