A Waiting Room with a View

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Then, as the nurse held the door for her, she strode boldly thru it and into the waiting room, wearing only her shoes. She had forgotten her drape!

Apparently the upsetting incident with the salesman, the suddenness of the nurse’s instructions, and just growing accustomed to having no clothes on resulted in Beth simply forgetting to cover up before appearing in public.

The result, of course, was that the waiting room crowd was treated to the ‘Full Monty’. My 42 year old wife was wearing only her low-heeled black pumps as she paraded naked in front of us, tits wobbling and brown bush shamelessly displayed between her legs. As she turned and headed down the corridor, flashing her bare tushy at the roomful of men, the surprised nurse fell into step beside her.

It was an arresting sight to watch the two women walk down the hall side by side; the one naked except for her shoes, her buttocks wagging obscenely with each step; the other fully dressed in blue scrubs and sneakers, her attire highlighting the nudity of her companion.

They were halfway down the corridor when Beth suddenly stopped, her knees came together, and her ass cheeks clenched tight. She had just realized that she was totally bare. She leaned over and whispered hurriedly to the nurse, who must have said something like “we’re almost there”. Then they continued walking, Beth a little more hesitantly, crossing her arms in front of her chest to both hide and support her bouncing boobs, now acutely aware of her exposed state.

When they reached the x-ray cubicle at the end of the hallway the technician stepped out to meet them. Standing in front of the two women, his eyes widened at the sight of Beth wearing only her shoes, arms crossed over her full titties, her belly and muff open to his gaze. After feasting his eyes on her for a moment, he ushered her into the cubicle and had her stand facing the machine. This gave those of us in the waiting room that could see down the hall a side view of her. She was made to stand erect in her heels and press her big breasts against the x-ray plate. Her hands were placed on her bare hips and she hunched her shoulders forward for her pictures. The tech then pulled a heavy curtain across the opening, hiding her from view.

The x-ray was quickly taken, the curtain flung back, and the nurse immediately covered my unclad wife with a new drape. After whispering some instructions, the nurse left for other business, leaving Beth to return to her exam room unescorted.

Beth now walked alone down the corridor towards her waiting audience. She looked for all the world like a fashion model strutting down the runway. Her shoes clicked elegantly on the tiled floor as the white drape, complimenting her bare legs and shoulders, seemed like some daring new fashion. As she swung past the crowd in the waiting room and reached for the doorknob, one corner of the drape dropped down, exposing one beautiful breast and nipple.
Like some half-clad figure from Greek mythology, Beth marched through the doorway. With a final shake of her bare fanny, she was in the room, the door swinging shut behind her.

When I started to emerge from the erotic trance I was in, I became aware of two things. First, that the erection I had sported for the better part of the last hour was showing no signs of weakening; and second, that I was happy as only a man whose fantasies had come true could be. Watching my lovely wife parading around naked in public and being seen by other men filled me with feelings of excitement, lust, embarrassment, pride, humiliation and satisfaction. I was experiencing the richness of life; with its’ endless wealth of conflicting emotions!

As I sat there musing, my eyes never left the door of Beth’s exam room, imagining her behind it and waiting for her next display, which I had now come to expect on a regular basis. Minutes passed, and I began to realize that the show, I mean the exam, might finally be at an end. Sure enough, with a click of the latch the door opened and my wife emerged, fully clothed. It was sort of a shock to see her with her clothes on, as we had gotten used to seeing her in the nude.

She strode across the waiting room with a smile and reclaimed her seat next to me. I gave her a wink and we sat there together, husband and wife, as if nothing unusual had happened. I looked down at my wife’s bare ankles, between her black shoes and the neatly tailored hem of her gray slacks, and the strangeness of the last hour washed over me again. I marveled at how just minutes ago, those same attractive shoes were all that she had on.

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