A Waiting Room with a View

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Beth was bending over the table, her naked rump facing the door. Her long, sturdy legs were spread wide, her upper body resting on her folded arms on the padded exam table. The doctor was grasping one full cheek of her ample behind and pulled it to one side, exposing Beth’s puffy, red asshole to our astonished eyes. The last thing we saw as the door slowly closed was Dr. Shiffman sliding his thick, greased finger into my wife’s slowly parting anus, her hairy pudenda also visible between her spread legs.

I sat there stunned, shaking with excitement and mortification. As if it wasn’t humiliating enough to have my wife so obscenely exposed to a roomful of men; the sleazy salesman had somehow talked his way into Beth’s exam room and was, at this very moment, watching the doctor fingering her brown eye.

The indignity and inappropriateness of it all angered me to the point of getting to my feet to protest to the dumb, blonde receptionist. Then I realized that making a scene might result in another door opening and further exposures. Steaming, I sat back down, trying to imagine the scene inside the exam room.

I couldn’t stop myself from conjuring up the most obscene visions. I pictured the salesman lustily watching Beth’s distended anal ring tightly gripping Dr. Shiffman’s intruding finger. I thought about how my wife’s anus, her most secret spot, was a secret no longer. But the most painful feeling was one of being shut out, knowing that two other men were getting to see Beth’s shame and exposure and I wasn’t!

A wave of guilt hit me and I realized what a selfish shit I was being. Here was my wife, going thru a long and degrading experience, and all I could think about was my own injured pride and lewd fantasies. She was the one who actually had to endure being naked and vulnerable in front of all these fully clothes people, most of them men. I could only imagine how hard that must be for a woman of Beth’s age and modesty.

I could picture her in the room now, huddled up with the skimpy drape clutched tightly to her bare body; trying to hide her nudity from the fat drug salesman, mortified at the thought of how much of her he had already seen.

I could not have been more wrong!

The nurse, who had been out of sight for a while, came out of a back room and up to the front desk, where the receptionist informed her of the salesman’s’ presence. A look of shock passed over her face and then, bless her, she laced into the air-headed blonde. “You’re never to allow anyone except a medical professional into a room while a patient is being examined, NEVER!” “But he is in the medical field”, she protested weakly. “He’s just a salesman” the nurse shot back as she turned to oust the intruder from the exam room. When she opened the door however, the scene that greeted our eyes was not the one I had visualized.

Dr. Shiffman had his back to the table and was talking to the salesman, who was trying to carry on his part of the conversation while stealing glances over the doctor’s shoulder at my naked wife. Instead of being huddled up in shame however, as I had imagined, she was in a very different pose.

My normally reserved wife was sitting buck naked on the padded table, leaning slightly back, supported on her straight arms, hips thrust forward; glaring defiantly at the two clothed men. Her legs were open a little and as I watched, she slowly and deliberately spread them until they were as wide as her sitting position would allow! As her smooth thighs parted, her vagina opened like a pink clam in the center of her dark pubic bush.

The chubby salesman’s mouth opened in dumb shock at the sight of Beth’s brazen exposure. In a daze myself, I stared in wonder at my glorious wife, naked as God made her, her large breasts hanging free, her vulva openly displayed for whoever cared to look. There was a look of contempt in her eyes as she provocatively challenged the salesman to inspect her nudity.

The nurse broke the erotic spell by quickly hustling the now red-faced and sweating salesman out of the exam room. As she shut the door behind her, we got one last look at Beth’s startlingly exposed pudenda, her pink cunt lips glistening within their soft, hairy nest.

As the shaken drug salesman beat a hasty retreat from the office, I could hear my wife quietly but forcefully berating the doctor for permitting the intrusion. Beth’s normally quiet demeanor could be deceiving; she was a tiger when given enough provocation. Now I could faintly hear the doctor apologizing, trying to explain that examining a woman is so routine for him, he sometimes forgets the importance of a patient’s right to privacy. Soon the doctor exited the room, closing the door so quickly behind him that we only had a brief flash of bare flesh.

I was overcome with a feeling of enormous pride for my wife. She was quite capable of standing up for herself when she felt she was being treated shabbily. She was brave enough to go with the program here and walk in front of the men in the waiting room nearly nude. She was modest but not to the point of timidity. And she was proud enough of her body to be able to flaunt it openly in order to intimidate a leering male.

Despite the evidence to the contrary she had just given everyone in sight, she had balls!

I assumed that now her physical was over, but one more treat was in store for me and my comrades, my ‘band of brothers’. I was starting to view the as faithful companions, since they stuck by me in the waiting room even after their own exams were finished. Those accompanied by wives or girlfriends would leave at the appropriate time; but those answering to no man, or woman, would linger indefinitely.

As if to reward them for their patience, here came the nurse again and stuck her head in Beth’s door. “We need to get a chest x-ray and then we’re done, Elizabeth. You can slip on your shoes if you want, and then I’ll take you down the hall”. She pulled the door closed for about 10 seconds to give her some privacy, and then opened it again, cheerily inquiring “Ready?”

Beth had one shoe on, and was daintily stepping into the second when the door opened. She was exposed to all in a particularly sexy pose; leaning slightly forward with her leg extended, working her bare foot into her shoe, her twin lovelies hanging down, her teats pointing at the floor.

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