A Waiting Room with a View

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Time passed, and I was just starting to have faith in my new theory when the door to Beth’s room opened and the nurse emerged, followed by my very naked wife. She was holding the paper drape to her bosom, which covered her front from boobs to mid-thigh, and left her sides and back entirely bare. Fortunately the toilet was right next to the exam room, so she wouldn’t be exposed for long; but Beth was now in the waiting room itself, a room filled with fully clothed people, and she was wearing her birthday suit! The nurse held the bathroom door open and Beth scurried inside, mooning the room.

The door was closed behind her but then the nurse, remembering some other duty, cracked it open and instructed Beth: When you’re finished Mrs. Harris, leave your specimen on the reception desk and return to your room.” She shut the door again quickly, but not before some of us had a brief but shocking view of my wife sitting nakedly on the toilet bowl, the drape propped against the wall.

The indignities keep piling up, I thought; though I don’t believe that Beth was aware of this latest peep we had had. And now she would have to walk back to her room unescorted and unclothed. The waiting room had gotten very quiet in anticipation of the coming show. So quiet, in fact, that we could presently hear a soft splashing noise emanating from the bathroom; the very intimate sound of my wife peeing. The sound conjured up the obscene image of piss squirting from between the hairy lips of a woman’s cunt; and it contrasted sharply with the dignified appearance Beth had made when she sat demurely in her business suit, only 15 minutes ago.

The sound trickled off, so to speak, followed by a loud flushing noise. The bathroom door opened and Beth strode purposefully to the reception desk, barefoot all over. She held the drape against her chest with one hand, the other hand carefully holding the cup of her steaming urine for all to see. I noticed that my wife’s cheeks were blushing hotly as she avoided the sea of eyes focused on her nudity. As she leaned forward to place the sample on the counter, the drape fell away from her lower body, giving everyone a surprise peek at her dark pubic thatch. Turning quickly, Beth hurried back to the safety of her room; her naked ass cheeks jiggling lewdly.

All doors were now safely shut; and I took a deep breath to calm myself down. As I re-played in my mind the incredibly erotic scenes we had just witnessed, I became aware of a pressing need to adjust my underwear. I had a monster erection. While re-adjusting myself as discretely as possible, I glanced around the room and noticed some of the other men similarly occupied. The thought of all these men’s’ pricks stiffening as they watched my woman wave her bare fanny at them sent a new thrill through me. I was starting to genuinely enjoy this experience; my shame and embarrassment mixing with a desire to show off my lovely wife. I found myself looking forward to her exposure with a sense of anticipation.

A few minutes passed and the nurse popped out of a room and called in her powerful voice, “Victor, EKG in room 1 “. The small, white-coated man with the pencil-thin moustache emerged from the rear, pushing a cart with the electrocardiogram machine on it. He stopped at in front of Beth’s door. The nurse came and, without bothering to knock, opened the door wide to allow him and his cart to enter. Everyone in the room could now look in and see my wife sitting on the examination table in the altogether.

Her hands were at her sides, flat on the table, her smooth legs dangled over the edge of the table, bare feet swinging just above the floor. Beth’s big titties, capped by her lovely pink nipples, pointed straight at us like a pair of headlights with their high beams on. All too soon cart, technician and nurse were inside and the door was shut, blocking out this latest vision of naked beauty. In less than a minute the nurse came out, giving us just a second to peek in and see Beth stretched out flat on her back on the table. The drape had been placed across her hips, covering her genitalia from the tech’s view. He was busily attaching the leads from the machine to her chest, his eyes free to roam over her bare breasts, so blatantly on display.

Now I had the uncomfortable experience of having to sit helplessly on the wrong side of a door; knowing that just on the other side, hidden from my site, my wife was lying stretched out, mostly naked, in the presence of a male technician. It felt like Beth was being unfaithful to me, showing her body, in private, to another man. I had to sit with this unsettling image in my mind for several minutes while the test was proceeding.

Finally the door opened and Mr. Pencil-moustache began pushing the cumbersome cart through the doorway, past which I could now see Beth sitting up on the table with her legs flat out in front of her. She was using a tissue to wipe the spots of gel off her chest where the leads had been attached, her boobs bouncing with her efforts.

Suddenly the front corner of the cart struck the doorframe, causing the device to turn and jam in the doorway with a noisy clatter. The tech was struggling clumsily to free it when a man sitting near the door leaped to his feet and rushed over to help. This quick thinking opportunist now stood right in the doorway of the exam room, staring inside while shaking the cart to free it. By now Beth had slipped off the table and was standing in front of it, minus her drape. She looked towards the door to see what the commotion was about and was startled to meet the gaze of the Good Samaritan as he ogled her nakedness. She was so unnerved at his blatant leering that she just stood there dumbly, forgetting to cover herself as he feasted his eyes on her uncovered femininity.

Then the cart was free and thru the door, which the technician quickly pulled shut behind him, allowing me to forgive him a little for being alone with my wife a few moments ago. The noble helper returned to his seat, looking very pleased with himself. I glared at him for a while, and then realized how futile it was. I had to resign myself to the fact that my wife’s modesty was, and would continue to be compromised, until her exam was over and she could put her clothes on again.

Finally, Dr. Shiffman himself came walking up to the exam room door and, after giving a polite knock, entered. The brief glimpse I had was of Beth sitting again on the examination table, the paper drape held demurely in front of her, only her bare sides showing. “Hello Elizabeth. How have you been?” I heard the doctor say before the door shut behind him.

I found myself relaxing a little, knowing that now only the doctor was in the room with my Beth. Even though he was fully dressed, including jacket and tie, and she was sitting there without a stitch on; they were doctor and patient, thus making the situation socially acceptable. I was aware of how my perspective had changed since this morning, when the idea of a male doctor seeing my unclothed wife had excited me terribly. Now I was almost relieved that only he could see her; as opposed to a roomful of people and other office personnel.

Soon the blue-clad nurse came down the hall and entered the exam room again for some purpose, exiting a few minutes later; giving 2 more quick peeks to a by now very attentive and appreciative audience. Our first view was of Beth sitting up very straight and very naked, no drape, on the edge of the table. The doctor stood to her side with one hand on her bare shoulder, pressing the stethoscope to her back with his other hand. He listened intently as she breathed deeply in and out, her full mounds rising and falling with each breath. We had a wonderfully clear view of my wife’s bare breasts, capped by her pale, pink areolas and proud reddish nipples.

Even though I have seen Beth’s tits countless times; they have never seemed more erotic to me. Having her twin lovelies on display in front of so many males was almost painfully erotic.

View #2, as the nurse exited, was very different but just as exciting. Beth was now stretched out on her back again, Dr. Shiffman standing over her, palpating her abdomen. As he moved his hands lower over her tummy, his thick fingers pressed the white flesh just above her growth of brown pubic hair, sprouting thickly at the bottom of her bare belly. As the door closed again, I quickly glanced around the room, realizing that all these men had just seen my wife’s pubes. I felt like I was sharing my wife’s intimate secrets with the entire world and, to tell the truth, the feeling was mind-blowing.

In a few minutes a new figure entered the office and approached the reception desk. He was a large, chubby man with a round pink face and the overly friendly manner of a salesman. It turned out he was a representative from a pharmaceuticals firm. The receptionist exchanged greetings with him, he was obviously a regular visitor, and then I heard her tell him “We’re very busy right now John, but I’ll see what I can do”. With that she got up, walked over to the door of exam room #1, knocked briefly, and stuck her head in the door. I could not hear what she was saying or the doctor’s response, and her body blocked anyone from seeing into the room this time. She then pulled her head back and closed the door behind her, keeping her hand on the doorknob. Turning to the salesman she said “The doctor is too busy today to see you in his office. He is with a patient now, but since you say you only have a few questions for him, you can go in for a few minutes only. Please be brief.” With that she opened the door wide and he marched right in. What he saw, however, must have shocked him as much as it did me and all my fellow onlookers.

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