A Waiting Room with a View

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The image of the fully clothed male doctor examining a naked female patient has always been incredibly erotic to me. The thought of my beautiful wife being thus examined increases this eroticism; bringing out feelings of jealousy and protectiveness, mixed with pride and a perverse desire to show her off. I’ve always secretly wished to be able to accompany her and watch while she strips for and is examined by her doctor, but have never found an appropriate situation in which to realize this fantasy. Nor have I had the nerve to even discuss this rather prurient desire with my fairly conventional wife.

I still have never been in the examination room with her; but during her annual physical last week my desires were satisfied beyond my wildest dreams, in a manner I hadn’t expected.

My wife Elizabeth, Beth for short, is a strikingly attractive woman. At 42 she still has a young look about her, clear skinned and fresh faced. Of middle height with light brown shoulder length hair and dark blue eyes, she has large breasts and ample hips. She’s put on a little weight over the years, as most of us have; but it is evenly distributed, giving her a slight voluptuousness which complements her appearance as an attractive woman in her prime.

Beth had to change doctors 2 years ago when her old doctor retired. She likes her new doctor very much, but has mentioned to me that his office is often very busy, to the point of being hectic on occasions. Apart from long waits, this in itself would not be so bad; but the layout of the office itself, combined with the doctor’s out-of-date style of patient draping, has made her uncomfortable during some of her visits.

When I questioned her on this subject in the past I’ve encountered a somewhat embarrassed reluctance to discuss details; but she has admitted to me that her main dislike about the doctor’s system is the need for patients to sometimes have to leave the examination room, in a state of undress, and go to another room for a procedure. These little trips are often visible to people sitting in the waiting area. She quickly added that such exposures are usually brief and that the doctor maintains such an air of professionalism that the whole office is pervaded by it, including the other patients and visitors.

I did not press her for more details at the time, but I determined to accompany her on her next visit. Then, last Monday, she announced that her annual physical was scheduled for Friday afternoon, and that she was taking half the day off from work. I told her that I had been planning to leave work early myself on Friday, and suggested that I could meet her at the doctors’ and we could go out to dinner afterwards, she being required not to eat much before the exam. Beth was surprised and hesitated slightly at my offer; then overcame whatever inner reluctance she was experiencing and agreed, figuring I suppose that medical exams were part of life, and that if I did catch a glimpse of her undressed, I wouldn’t be seeing anything I hadn’t seen before.

Friday arrived and I left work about noon and headed for the downtown office building in which Beth’s doctor’s office was located. I wanted to arrive well before her so that we could go in together, to ensure that I wouldn’t miss any opportunity that presented itself. I knew that I might just be spending the next few hours in a crowded waiting room reading old magazines, but I was brimming with excitement nonetheless. Even if I saw absolutely nothing, the idea of sitting in a waiting room and knowing that, just down the hall or behind that door, my lovely wife was undressing and being seen by another man would give me an odd thrill.

I arrived at the entrance to the building and waited a long 15 minutes before I spotted Beth walking down the sidewalk towards me. She gave me a smile and a wave when she saw me, and I was both proud and excited at how attractive she looked. Since she was coming straight from work she was dresses in smart, conservative business attire: Neatly pressed dark gray slacks, matching jacket, white silk blouse and black low-heeled shoes. I gave her a quick kiss and we entered the building together. We took the elevator to the sixth floor and turned left down a corridor lined with medical offices. I was savoring the feeling of walking along next to my well-dressed wife, knowing that shortly she would have to remove her clothing for another man. When we got to a door marked ‘Dr. William Shiffman’, Beth opened it and I followed her inside.

Coming through the door we were facing down a short corridor with a small waiting room extending to our right. The area we could see was shaped like an ‘L’ with a fat base, the waiting room being the base. There were chairs along the two walls and two short rows of seats facing across the corridor. A receptionist sat behind a high counter to the right of the corridor. The wall starting at the entrance and running down the left side of the corridor contained a series of doors. These doors led to three examination rooms and a patients’ bathroom. The door to exam room #1 was actually in the waiting room itself, followed by the toilet and then exam rooms 2 and 3. The doctor’s office was behind the receptionist’s station, his door across from the middle exam room. At the end of the corridor was the x-ray cubicle, directly opposite the front door. The whole effect was of a slightly cramped but efficient use of limited space, which gave a “we’re all in this together fell” to the whole office.

The waiting room was very crowded. Beth walked across to the receptionist, a young perky blonde; while I found us 2 seats and sat down to survey the crowd. The room was filled with a wide mix of ages and types. Most people seemed to be there alone, with at least two obvious couples, an attractive 20 something pair and one couple in their mid 60’s. Men outnumbered women by at least 3-1. Beth finished with the receptionist and walked over to sit next to me, drawing a few admiring glances from some of the men. She leaned over to whisper in my ear, and her sweet, feminine scent washed over me. “It’s going to be a long wait” she said, which was obvious given the number of people in the room. Picking up a magazine, I idly thumbed thru it, but was more interested in taking in the routine of the office.

Patient’s names were called by the nurse; a pretty redhead in her mid 30’s dressed in light blue hospital scrubs and white sneakers. She would then accompany the patient to one of the exam rooms and go in with them, coming out shortly after performing a few preliminary tests; height, weight, blood pressure, etc. She seemed to be constantly on the move from room to room, busy but cheerful, with a loud, authoritative voice. There was some sort of medical technician who operated the x-ray and also the EKG machine, which was on a small cart and had to be pushed from one exam room to another when it was needed. He was a small, dark, Eastern European type with a tin moustache, and he wore a long white medical coat. Since not ever patient needed these tests he was out of sight for long periods of time. Finally there was Dr. Shiffman himself, very distinguished in his white coat and matching white hair. He moved deliberately between the exam rooms and his office, looking very fit for an older man and exuding an air of calm confidence.

It appeared to be a normal, busy doctor’s office, but with 2 unusual exceptions. The first being that due to it’s cozy design, when the doors to the examination rooms were opened or closed, some or all of the people in the waiting room could see inside. The degree to which one could look in varied with each room. Exam room #3 in the back offered only a very limited view to a few well positioned people. The middle room offered a partial but decent view for many. Exam room #1 however, whose door was actually in the waiting room itself, gave a total view to anyone who cared to look in when the door was opened, and a partial view inside for many even when the door was left slightly ajar, as I soon realized often happened in the hustle and bustle of the busy office. Most of us in the waiting room observed this and knew that the polite thing to do was not to look in. But as the expression goes, “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”, not all of us could overcome normal curiosity or plain old voyeurism.

The second thing that set this office apart was much more startling. From time to time the nurse would come and escort a patient to the toilet or the x-ray room. This in itself would not be exceptional, except that it exposed, literally, the unconventional dress code Dr. Shiffman had for his patients.

My introduction to the unusual display came when an older man exited the middle exam room, accompanied by the nurse, and walked down the corridor towards the bathroom. I could hardly believe my eyes; the man was completely naked! Well almost; he held some sort of white towel against his ample belly, which covered his private parts but left his backside totally exposed! I glanced around the waiting room expecting to see equally astonished expressions on everyone’s’ faces, but was surprised to see most people paying only casual attention to the man’s startling, pink bareness. As he entered the bathroom, the nurse asked him to provide a urine sample and, handing him a cup, pulled the door shut and left to take care of other business. After a minute he re-emerged, naked as a babe, clutching the drape in one hand and holding his pee cup in the other. He padded barefoot over to the reception counter where he set down his specimen, then turned and walked back down the corridor to his exam room, his bare back and hairy ass totally revealed to any who cared to look.

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