A Very Thorough Medical Exam

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“There! One more consultation and I can call it a day!” I think to myself as I close the door behind the second last patient for the day. I am in somewhat of a hurry to get away from the surgery, as I have a racquetball appointment with the guys at the club and I’m quite looking forward to it.

I pick up the patient schedule and glance at the last entry for the day. Mrs D. McFarlane. McFarlane…? The only McFarlane I know is the architect. Could this be the model that he married a few weeks ago?

I press the buzzer to let my receptionist, Mrs. Cowley, know that I am ready for the next patient. Seconds later the door opens and she lets Mrs. McFarlane in. What an absolute goddess! “Dr Mick Johnstone, Mrs Dianne McFarlane.” she introduces us.

I lightly shake her hand and offer her a chair in front of my desk.

“Thank you, Mrs Cowley. That will be all for the day. You may go home now. I will manage from here on.” Mrs Cowley thanks me and departs, closing the door behind her. I take my seat behind my desk.

“How can I be of aid, Mrs McFarlane?” I ask politely. “If you don’t mind me saying so, you appear to be in very good health!”

She smiles. “Thank you! There is nothing wrong that I am aware of. It is just that my husband and I are leaving on a European tour soon and on his recommendation we would just like to make sure that everything is OK before we depart. He has an appointment with you for tomorrow afternoon.”

“Good idea!” I remarked. “We wouldn’t want some underlying bug to ruin such a wonderful occasion, now would we?” I start the general examination with the normal routine questions which does not reveal anything out of the ordinary.

Then I ask her to take a seat on the examination table. She does and I take up position in front of her. “Would you mind turning your head to the side, please?” I ask. I move her honey blonde locks out of the way and examine the inside of her ear with the otoscope. Everything appears to be in order. “The other side, please.” I repeat the process and again no problem. I ask her to open her mouth and examine her throat with a spatula. This brings my face very close to hers. She has exquisite teeth. Her perfume is intoxicating. For a second I wonder how she would react if I kissed her. “Don’t be ridiculous!” I scold myself. “Pull yourself together! You are a professional doctor and your patient is a married woman!” But this woman is having an effect on me that I have never before experienced in my medical career. I feel like a high school boy out on his first date!

“Would you mind undressing behind the screen, please?” I ask politely. “You may keep your underwear on. Please put on the green surgical gown.” She smiles at me and disappears behind the screen. I can feel my palms sweating!

Moments later she appears from behind the screen and seats herself on the examination table again. I tear my eyes away from those long, shapely legs protruding from under the almost too short gown and proceed to take her blood pressure with the sphygmomanometer. She starts chatting and tells me all about their planned tour to Europe.

I move around the table and take up a position behind her to listen to her lungs. The gown is in my way and I casually undo the top two bows which hold it together. “Please forgive me, but it is necessary.” I apologise.

“Not a problem.” she says and smiles at me. I pull the gown away and expose her perfect suntanned back. I ask her to inhale and exhale while I move the stethoscope around. Everything sounds perfect. I look at her bra strap and see no clip. It obviously fastens in front.

I move back around the table facing her. I pull the gown over her shoulders. Her low cut lacy bra is filled to beyond capacity with the firmest breasts that I have seen in my life! “Obvious had a bit of surgical enhancement.” I thought to myself. I place the stethoscope on the soft upper portion of her left breast to listen to her heartbeat, making sure to run my fingers lightly over the firm flesh. Her heart sounds normal.

“Please remove the gown.” I ask, trying to sound as professional as possible. She reaches behind her and undoes the remaining bows behind her back. Then she lets the gown fall forward from her body. She takes it off, folds it and puts it on the chair next to the table. She looks incredibly sexy in her low cut bra and high cut lacy white panties. I feel a slight stirring in my pants…

“Please lie on your back.” I instruct. She swings her long legs onto the table and lies back on the table. I look at her bra covered breasts. They still strain against their confinements, the shape not changing at all – totally defying gravity! “Too good to be true.” I think to myself. “Just wait. We’ll soon see the scars of her augmentation surgery.”

I begin the abdominal examination. I glance at her panties. I can see a thin line of pubic hair through the front of it. Wow! She’s had a Brazilian wax! Again I feel the tingling in my pants. I am developing a massive erection! My hands float across her firm stomach, probing and pressing against her naked flesh.

“Have you noticed any lumps or abnormalities in the breasts lately?” I asked.

“Fortunately not!” she replied.

“Shall we do a full breast examination, just to be sure?” I enquired.

“If you think it is necessary…” she said.

Without replying my hand moves to the catch of her bra between those two firm hills of flesh. I undo it and move her bra off her breasts. I just about came in my pants! There, in front of me, her two perfect breasts are towering into the air as if gravity does not exist! Her big, dark brown nipples form a beautiful contrast against the lily white background of her breasts. I immediately start looking for the scars that would confirm my suspicions about her boob job. There are none below the nipples. I look underneath her breasts. Sometimes the surgeon cuts along the fold below the breast so that the scar is less conspicuous. Again nothing. This woman does not even have folds below her breasts! They are far too firm for that! I move her arms to the sides and feel the glands under her armpits. No sign of surgery here, either. I have to surrender my theory. These boobs are as natural as can be! Absolute perfection!

“Your breasts are remarkably firm.” I remarked.

“Thank you.” she whispers shyly and blushes lightly.

I start the breast examination. My fingers glide over her firm flesh, first stroking away from the nipples and then in ever increasing circles around it, making sure not to miss a millimetre. I make a point of letting my fingers ‘accidentally’ brush over her nipples every now and again. Her nipples respond by becoming long and hard. I can see the goose bumps forming on her skin. I deliberately prolong the examination for as long as possible. Needless to say, by now I have a raging hard-on that strains against the front of my pants so much it hurts!

I take her right nipple between my thumb and index finger and squeeze it lightly. Then I gently tug on it and roll it lightly between my fingers. I glance at her face. Her eyes are closed and her mouth slightly open. Her breathing has definitely picked up! I repeat the process with the other nipple.

“Everything appears to be in order and responds as it should” I remark. She opens her eyes and props herself up on her elbows. What I would give to take those nipples in my mouth..!

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