A Touching Tale of Hardcore Anal

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Then you’re going to pick my tired little body up and take me into the bathroom, turn the shower on and lay me in it. You’re going to tell me to lay with my knees up and spread on the bottom of the tub, and you’re going to aim the stream into my asshole, helping me clean. Then you’re going to grab my toothbrush and clean my mouth. Afterward you’re going to help me out of the tub and wrap me in a towel, lay me in our bed, wrap your huge, strong arms around me and let me curl up against you. I’m going to be exhausted from the punishment, and you’re going to say sweet, loving things into my hair. Then, right when you think I’m about to fall asleep, I’m going to thank you for turning me into a better girl.

And you’ll kiss me on the mouth and tell me you’re welcome.

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