A Touching Tale of Hardcore Anal

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Then you’re going to tell me to look at you so you can see my face and you’re going to ask me if I want to scream. I’m going to want to say yes, and you’re going to remind me that I don’t make the rules, and that I’m not allowed to cry. You’re going to ask me if I like having four cocks in my body at one time and I’m going to say yes. You’re going to tell me you’re going to teach me a lesson about keeping my fucking mouth shut, and you’re going to grab the butt plug that was just in my ass and bring it towards my mouth. I’m going to see what you’re doing and shut my mouth and turn my head, trying to keep you from sticking it in. You’re going to shove your cock deeper inside me and grab by my hair, forcing my head back and my mouth open.

“Bounce up and down on my cock.” You’re going to say.

“I can’t.” I’ll reply.

You’re going to pull my hair back further, forcing me into a squatting position.

“Bounce up and down!” You’re going to say.

I’m going to try to do as you ask, positioning my wrecked body over your cock. You’re going to grab me by the shoulders and yank me down onto your pole, sending the three dildos deeper into my slut holes. You’re going to grab me by the arms and force me to continue bouncing up and down, up and down, shoving the cocks in with every bounce.

I’m going to scream, and when I do you’re going to let go of my arms, grab the butt plug and force it past my lips, past my teeth and into my mouth.

“Keep bouncing.” You’re going to order, and as I do, stretching both of my holes as far as they can go, you’re going to grab my panties and wrap them over my mouth and around my head, securing the butt plug in place.

“Disobedient girls get what they deserve.” You’re going to say.

You’re going to tell me to put my face on the ground, so the butt plug is touching the floor and being forced further down my throat, and to spread my legs at the same time to open up my ass for you. You’re going to keep fucking my ass with the dildos inside me, watching me gape with every thrust. You’re going to hear me trying to scream against the dirty butt plug and gagging when I can’t, and you’re going to tell me that I’m such a good girl to take five cocks in my 3 holes at the same time. You’re going to tell me that I’m the sexiest little anal slut in the world, and that you’ve never known an anal slut to be able to take so many cocks in her at once. You’re going to tell me how beautiful I am with every hole completely full, and you’re going to say sweet things to me, trying to get me to relax. You’re going to keep your cock in my butthole, going in further and further, feeling me tighten against the pain, and you’re going to tell me that this is what I’m good for, to let you fill all of my holes with five different cocks, and to be your obedient sex slave. You’re going to tell me that I’m not good for anything other than taking everything in my holes, and giving you whatever you want.

You’re going to remind me that anal slaves don’t make the rules, and that now that I’ve done five cocks at once you’re going to do it all the time, whenever you want. I’m going to let the pain fill me completely and relax against you, letting you fuck me like a slut pig, and letting you hurt my little body for your pleasure. You’re going to take the panties off the butt plug and pull it out of my mouth, and you’ll notice the mascara running down my face. You’re going to tell me to say that I’ve never been happier than at this moment, right now, with four cocks in me, and when I do you’re going to tell me that I belong to you now, that I’m here for you to fuck whenever you want. That I’m just full of meat sockets for you to fuck. You’re going to make me tell you thank you for sticking five cocks in me at once, and that I can’t believe how good it feels when you treat me like a piece of meat. Then you’re going to tell me you love me, and when I tell you I love you, too, you’re going to get so turned on that you fuck me hard again, pushing in and out of my torn up little body, deeper and deeper, until you finally shoot your huge, hot load into my tormented ass.

Then, when you’re all done you’re going to tell me to lay down on my tummy, and you’re going to take every cock out of me, slowly and one at a time, starting with your own from my ass, then the two from my broken cunt, leaving one inside my butthole. Cum is going to leak out from between my legs and you’re going to notice it’s tinted with red, making you harder. Knowing I’m about at my breaking point you’re not going to fuck me again, but you’re not quite done with me, either. You take the final dildo from my ass and sweetly tell me to open my mouth so I can taste how hard you fucked me, and taste how good of a little anal slave I am. I’m going to do what you say, since I’m too worn out to fight you, and you’re going to slip the tip of the dildo into my mouth, rolling it around on my tongue. You’re going to make me suck the cock that was in my ass, slowly at first, and then you’re going to tell me that you need me to gag on my own ass, that it will make me a better girl. You’re going to make me tilt my head back so my throat is straight, shoving the double ended dildo into my throat, and when I start to gag you’re going to push it further, until my entire throat and mouth are filled with the cock from my ass. Then, just because you can, you’re going to plug my nose and watch my eyes start to water and my futile attempt to fight you. Then you’re going to unplug my nose and remove the cock from my throat, and then tell me to kiss it and thank it for letting me eat my own asshole.

After that you’re going to tell me to lie down on the floor, put my arms over me head and spread my legs. You’re going to rub my tits where the bruises are, and I’m going to relax in your hands. You’re going to see my nipples harden with your touch. When you finish with my tits you’re going to move down to my pussy. You’ll see how red and swollen I am, and you’re going to know I did all of these things because I love you. You’re going to grab some Neosporin and rub it, with both of your hands, into every fold of my broken cunt, and I’m going to make little noises, showing you I like it. Then you’re going to make me flip over. You’re going to see that after everything you’d just done, my asshole is still tight and ready, and you’re going to take a small amount of Neosporin, put it on your finger and slowly, in the sweetest way, part my ass and stick your finger in. You’re going to hear me exhale to be able to take your finger, and you’re going to kiss my back and my ears. You’re going to feel how hot it is in my body, and can tell that my ass has just been traumatized, and you’re going to slowly rub the cream in me, watching me relax as you do, letting it mix in with the cum and the blood that is still inside me.

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