A Tale From My Past

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About seven years ago I started seeing this Latino guy named Marco. I first met him at some dance I went to with my girlfriends. He hit on me a couple times, but I really wasn’t interested. He was on the short side, around 5’8″, and kind of goofy looking. I danced with him once just to get him to stop asking me. The dance ended and I figured that was the end of it.

I ran into him again a couple weeks later at a coffee shop one morning. I was reading the paper and drinking my coffee when I saw him come in. He said hi and went to the counter. When he finished getting his drink he came and sat next to me on one of the sofas. We talked for a little bit. He told me where he worked, what kind of job he had, etc. He also mentioned he was recently divorced and really got taken to the cleaners by his ex-wife. I still really wasn’t interested in this guy, but he seemed nice, so I didn’t mind talking with him. I guess we talked for about an hour before I had to go. We exchanged numbers and said our goodbyes. He hugged me and kissed me on the cheek.

I didn’t hear from him for a couple more weeks. He called me one afternoon while I was having a few drinks at a girlfriend’s house. There were three of us, all pretty tipsy. They made me put the call on speakerphone so we could all hear, and tease him. I was surprised he stayed on the phone for like two hours. My girlfriends asked him things like what his nationality was, Puerto Rican, how he was in bed, very good, how big his penis was, nine inches, etc. I was so embarrassed that I didn’t think I could ever face this guy again. By the end of the call my friends had set me up on a date with this guy for the following Saturday night. I didn’t really want to go through with it, but my friends convinced me I needed to be dating more, but I know they were really just trying to get me laid.

I talked to Marco a couple times during the week before our date. I was going to try and get out of it, but he seemed to be really looking forward to it. I didn’t want to hurt the guy’s feelings, so I went through with it.

We met at Marco’s Restaurant on Highway 99 at 7:00PM. Yes he has the same name as the restaurant. We had dinner and a couple drinks, eventually we moved to the lounge for more drinks and some dancing. There was a live band and the place was getting pretty crowded. We had a couple more drinks and danced to a few songs before taking a break to cool down. We stepped outside for some fresh air, that’s when he made his first move and kissed me deeply. I was feeling pretty good from all the alcohol, so I returned the kiss and even added some tongue. After that his hands were all over me, squeezing my ass with both hands and even fondling my boobs. He commented that he loved my big tits. I thought he was moving a little fast, but I was also buzzed enough to be getting horny from all of his groping.

We went back inside for one more drink, and one more dance. He really started grinding his crotch into mine this time, turning me on even more. Near the end of the song he started kissing me again and he ran his hand up my inner thigh, then began rubbing my pussy through my jeans. I was so turned on I knew I was getting wet at this point. We kissed for what seemed like a couple minutes, him rubbing my pussy the whole time. I finally pulled away a little and whispered in his ear.

“If we keep this up I’m going to cum right here on the dance floor.”

He seemed to like this and suggested we get out of here. I asked him where he wanted to go. He suggested my place since he just had a crappy little apartment. He followed me home and came in. Both of my sons were still living at home back then, but neither was around at the time. I opened a bottle of wine and met him on the sofa. We talked a little and started making out again. This time he seemed to be focused on my tits, rubbing, squeezing, and even trying to pinch my nipples through my shirt and bra. After a few minutes he started working his hands up under the shirt, slipping his fingers under my bra. At that point I sat up a little and unbuttoned my shirt, he unhooked the bra and slid them both off my shoulders.

I was now sitting in my living room topless, making out with this guy. He started kissing my neck, working his way down to my breasts. He began sucking and lightly nibbling on my nipples. I worked my hands down to his crotch and started rubbing his dick through his pants. He was already hard. I undid his belt and his zipper. I reached in and was surprised that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. I wrapped my hand around what felt like a really big cock and started stroking him. I guess he wasn’t lying about having nine inches, and it was fairly thick too. It was the biggest cock I’d ever seen up to that point.

I suggested we go upstairs to my room, just in case one of my kids came home. As soon as I got the door closed behind us we both stripped off the rest of our clothes. We kissed a little more and his hands were all over me. He had me lay on my back on the bed and propped a couple pillows behind my head. He then kind of straddled my chest with his knees pressed up in my armpits. He told me he was going to give me a pearl necklace. Back then I had no idea what that meant.

Marco sat up and started feeding his cock into my mouth. Once he was about halfway in he backed out a little. Then he started pumping my mouth. It seemed to me that this was just a blowjob, though not the most comfortable position. After a minute or two he pulled out of my mouth. He slid back a bit, pushed my breasts together and started sliding his cock between them. He said he had loved my big titties since he first saw me and just had to fuck them. I had never had a guy do this before and it seemed a little strange, after all, there was no stimulation for me whatsoever. I went along with it anyway. Every couple minutes he would slide up and stick his cock back in my mouth to lube it up, and then go back to my breasts.

He went on like this for at least fifteen minutes. I was getting rather bored at this point and wondered if this guy was ever going to fuck me. I thought he could at least pinch my nipples or something. He started pumping me faster, until finally he started moaning and came on my neck. I couldn’t see it of coarse, and I was now disappointed that he had cum without giving me any satisfaction.

“What an asshole,” I thought.

He started to get off of me, but only moved down my body, to the missionary position, except he lifted my knees up and put my feet on his shoulders. That’s when I noticed he still had an erection, and was about penetrate me unprotected. I hadn’t been dating in quite some time and was not on the pill. I told him he needed to put on a condom. He laughed and said he had had a vasectomy and I had nothing to worry about, just before he entered me fully in one stroke.

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