A Second Chance At Love

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“Mr. Lewis asked me to deliver this to you Miss. Bradford,” Darlene almost snarled.

Jenny saw the package and her heart sank. “Uh, thank you,” she said and took the envelope. As soon as Darlene left, she opened the envelope to see her panties. She thought that she had gone too far and that Jim had rejected her little gift. Then she saw the note on Jim’s notepaper. She opened the note.

“Jenny, Thanks for the gift; it was very thoughtfully of you. However, I thought that you might need them back. Sorry that I couldn’t clean them. Thanks again. Jim”

Jenny looked in the envelope in confusion. She reached in and pulled the panties out. This time it was her turn to gasp. Immediately she could see the cum dripping from the crotch. A large drop landed on her desk. She jumped up and rushed to the bathroom, her pussy throbbing as she walked. Inside the stall, she sat down to catch her breath. God maybe Jim wasn’t so niave after all she thought.

She opened the panties she held in her hand and confirmed that Jim had indeed cum all over the crotch. Jenny was so hot that she was shaking. Without a second thought, she stood up and stepped into the panties then pulled them up her legs, pressing them tight to her dripping pussy lips. She could feel Jim’s cum covering her swollen pussy. She sat back down and used her finger to rub the cum all over her pussy. When her finger reached her clit, she had to suppress a moan as her body convulsed and a strong climax hit her. Her legs tightened and she bit down on her lip to keep from screaming out as her body spasmed with pleasure. She had never cum that quickly in her life.

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