A Second Chance At Love

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Jim looked up when he heard a light tap on his opened door. He smiled when he saw Jenny. “Come on in,” he said. Suddenly a flush came to his face as her remembered last night.

As usual, Jenny looked great. She had on a short summer dress that left her arms and shoulders bare, with thin straps holding up the wispy material.

“I’m not interrupting you am I?” Jenny asked as she sat down across the desk from Jim.

“No, not at all, I was just going to call you and thank you for last night,” Jim said then felt his face turn red as he realized that it sounded like he was thanking her for a hand job. “I mean…uh…for the uh, date, it was fun,” he stuttered.

“I had a good time also,” Jenny answered with a knowing smile. “I do think Kate and Jerry got a little carried away,” she added, “but it was really hot watching them.

“Yea, I guess,” Jim said, not really knowing what else to say. “Would you like something to drink?” Jim asked, trying to change the subject.

“Yes, thank you, a Coke would be great.”

Jim went over to his bar and got her a Coke and a glass of ice and handed it to her.

“Do you mind if I ask you some legal questions?”

“Not at all, fire away.”

Jenny asked Jim several questions about the law. They were questions she already knew the answers to. She was just making conversation; the legal process was not what was on her mind. As Jenny relaxed, she sat back in the chair. Slowly, almost absent-mindedly she opened her legs slightly.

Jim immediately saw her legs begin to open. His eyes grew big when he realized that he could almost see all the way to her crotch again.

Jenny turned and looked over her shoulder to make sure Jim’s secretary, Darlene, was at her desk, facing the other way. Before she even turned her head back, her legs opened as wide as her skirt would allow, exposing her entire crotch to Jim. She could feel the cool air on her now very wet panties.

“Oh God,” Jim said under his breath as he looked at Jenny’s exposed panties. He could see the entire shape of her pussy, every fold of flesh. There was a very dark stain in the center of her pussy lips.

“So do you have a busy day today?” Jenny asked like nothing unusual was happening.

Jim swallowed hard, his mouth becoming very dry all of a sudden. “Uh…it…uh I guess it will be busy,” he managed to choke out, his eyes never leaving Jenny’s pussy. He watched in amazement as one of her hands slid slowly up her thigh, over her thigh high nylons, to play with the soft skin between the nylon top and her pussy. Her fingers casually rubbed the soft skin, inching closer to her panty-covered slit.

Jim’s cock began to harden as he watched the wanton display before him. He couldn’t believe the boldness of this woman. His cock was pulsing in his pants as Jenny’s finger reached her slit.

Jenny’s face was flushed as her finger pressed the crotch of her panties deep between her lips. She slid down in the chair slightly, causing her skirt to ride up higher allowing her legs to spread further.

“Mr. Lewis,” Jim secretary said, standing in the doorway.

Jenny snapped her legs closed and sat up quickly.

Jim looked up, his face turning beet red.

“Uh yes, Darlene,” Jim said trying to recover from his shock.

“Mr. Wilson is on the line, he says he needs to speak to you right away.”

“Well, I was just leaving,” Jenny said with a sweet smile. She stood and walked past a frowning Darlene.

Chapter 6

Jim had a very hard time concentrating the rest of the morning. It was almost eleven thirty when Darlene brought a large expandable folder into his office. It had confidential written in large red letters across the front flap. Jim thanked Darlene and took the envelope. He untied the string holding the flap down and opened it. Fortunately, Darlene had left before he opened it or she would have heard him gasp.

Inside the envelope, Jim saw a pair of blue panties. He quickly got up and went to the door and told Darlene that he did not want to be disturbed for a while. He closed the door and sat down at the desk and opened the envelope again. His hands were shaking as he pulled the silky material from the folder. He opened the panties and saw that the crotch was still wet and sticky. A little note dropped to the floor. He reached down and picked it up, his heart pounding in his chest.

“Hi sweety, I know you like my panties, I saw you looking. I thought I might give you a pair. Unfortunately, I don’t have a clean pair but I didn’t think you would mind. Love and Kisses J”

Jim groaned and brought the panties to his nose and inhaled deeply. His cock throbbed as he drew in the musky woman smell. Almost without his control, Jim opened his pants and freed his hard cock. He carefully wrapped Jenny’s thong panties around his cock, the wet crotch covering his dripping cock head. Jim began to move the panties up and down as he slumped in his chair. His thoughts went back to the drive home last night. He could still hear the sucking sounds and the moans from the back seat. He could feel Jenny’s soft had on his cock.

Suddenly, Jim’s balls tightened and his cock began to spit his cum into the already wet crotch of her panties. He closed his eyes and moaned as his juice filled the small crotch of the silky panties he held tightly around his cock.

Jim sat there for several minutes breathing heavily. Here he was, a big corporate attorney, jerking off like some adolescent. While he felt ashamed at what he had just done, he couldn’t deny that it was very pleasurable. A little tremor ran through him when he remembered Jenny sitting in front of him with her legs spread and her fingers in her crotch.

Jim removed the now saturated panties, wondering what he was going to do with them. Then a naughty thought came to him; two could play this game. He wrote a little note and placed the panties back inside the folder. He sealed it and addressed it to Jenny. Then he took it out to Darlene and asked her to personally deliver it to Jenny downstairs.

As she walked away, Jim thought if she only knew what was inside?

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