A Second Chance At Love

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Jim readily agreed to go out with Katie and Jerry. He wanted to get to know Jenny’s friends.

They went to a movie and then had a quiet dinner at a nice Italian restaurant. They all laughed and joked, the conversation flowing easily. Everyone seemed to get along well, even if Jerry and Katie had drunk a little too much. That was okay since Jim had driven.

On the way home, Katie and Jerry sat in the back seat as Jim drove with Jenny snuggled close to him. The restaurant was in another town and they had a bit of a ride home. Jenny and Jim talked quietly in the front seat as Jerry and Katie whispered in the back. Suddenly Jenny heard a moan and looked back to see Katie and Jerry kissing with Jerry’s hand inside her blouse playing with her tit. She suppressed a little moan as she watched the lover’s kiss and Jerry’s hand move freely under her blouse.

Jenny turned quickly back to face the front and giggled. Jim looked over at her with raised eyebrows. She snuggled closer to him, her hand dropping to his thigh. As they drove, the moans in the back got louder and louder until the two in front could no longer deny what was going on in the back seat. Jenny looked back again and gasped when she saw that Katie had Jerry’s cock out of his pants and was about to suck it. She turned back, her heart thumping in her chest. When she looked down, she saw that Jim’s cock was tenting his pants.

Jim was shocked by what was going on in the back seat of his car, even if he couldn’t see it. He looked in the rear view mirror but could only see Jerry’s head thrown back on the back of the seat. Suddenly he jumped when he felt Jenny’s hand moving slowly up his thigh. His heart was beating wildly. When he looked at the speedometer, Jim realized that he was going well over the speed limit. He had to slow down or risk getting a ticket.

Jenny looked back again then turned and kissed Jim’s neck as her hand covered his cloth-covered cock. She felt Jim tense and a shiver run through his body. Then Jenny shocked Jim even more by reaching over and slowly pulling his zipper down.

“Jenny, what are you doing?” Jim whispered, his voice shaking.

“Shhhh!” Jenny said as she reached into Jim’s pants and fished his cock out. “Oh my,” she said as she looked at Jim’s pulsing cock. It was a nice cock she thought, not to long or too big around. It would fit in her pussy very nicely if that time ever came. She heard Jim moan as she squeezed his cock, bringing a large drop of clear juice to the head. She used her finger to rub the juice across his swollen cock head. Her other hand began to move up and down.

Jim couldn’t believe that he was driving on the freeway with his cock out of his pants and in the hand of his young date. He also couldn’t believe what was going on in the back of his car. From the loud sucking sounds, Katie must be giving Jerry a blowjob. He was trying desperately to concentrate on driving as Jenny began to move her hand up and down on his very excited cock. “Jenny, God,” Jim said, almost in desperation. His heart was pounding in his chest as Jenny used one hand to wrap her fingers around the swollen head and used the other to jerk his cock. He was surprised to see Jenny looking into the back seat.

Jenny watched her friend suck on her lover as she masturbated Jim. Her own pussy was pouring juice into her panties. She couldn’t believe her friend was giving her date a blowjob right in the back seat. She and Katie had done a lot of wild things but never anything this bold. Suddenly she heard Jim moan, almost a whine. She looked down and saw that his cock head had grown even larger and was pulsing. She quickly put one hand over the head, just in time to stop Jim’s cum from shooting all over his shirt. She used her other hand to jerk on the shaft, her breathing as labored as if she were climaxing herself. In fact she felt a little shiver in her pussy and a climax run through her as Jim’s cock continued to pump his cum into her hand before it ran down his shaft.

At the same time in the back seat, Jenny saw Jerry push his hips up, forcing his cock deep into Katie’s mouth then groan. She saw her friend sucking and swallowing her lover’s cum.

Jenny cleaned up Jim’s cock as best she could and put it back into his pants. She smiled at her startled date and put her head on his shoulder. The four of them were quiet as they finished their ride home.

When they reached home Katie and Jerry went into the house leaving Jenny and Jim outside the door.

Jim was quiet for a while. He took Jenny into his arms and kissed her passionately. “Thanks,” he said, totally at a loss as to what to say to a woman that had just jerked him off.

“My pleasure,” Jenny whispered as she snuggled into Jim’s chest. They kissed one last time and said good night. Jenny went into her bedroom and masturbated several times as she listened to Jenny and Jerry moan in pleasure long into the night.

Chapter 5

Jim was in seventh heaven the following morning. He felt like a kid again. He couldn’t believe that he had let Jenny jerk him off in the car, like some horny teenager. Yet that was almost how he felt. Still, somewhere deep inside there was this little nagging issue concerning their age difference. Jim was becoming infatuated with Jenny but he wasn’t sure how far it could go.

Jenny sat at her desk with the same thought in her mind. She was beginning to like Jim too much. Yet, he wasn’t really her type, he was so na‹ve. But then again, she thought it was kind of cute. However, she had never dated anyone as old as him and she wasn’t sure she wanted to become attached to an older man. Or, any man for that matter. She liked that she was a free spirit and that she took sex wherever she found it. Jim wasn’t very adventuresome. She was sure that he was mortified this morning about the hand job. Still, she giggled to herself as she thought about what she had done. It had been great fun. She felt a little thrill shoot through her when she remembered watching Katie sucking on Jerry’s cock as she jerked Jim off. It was almost too much for her to watch her friend drink her lover’s sperm as her date came in her hand.

On her way to the bathroom, Jenny had a naughty thought. At first she dismissed it as crazy but the more she thought about it the more excited it made her. She decided to have some fun with Jim. She went into the bathroom to take her panties off. When she started to pull them down she stopped as another naughty thought occurred to her. Instead of taking them off, she pulled them up tight to her crotch. She looked down to see the material plastered to her pussy lips. The silky blue panties were so tight that they outlined her pussy lips like a second skin. As she walked to Jim’s office, she could feel her pussy juice begin to wet the crotch.

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