A Schoolgirl’s Spanking

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“May I go back to class, ma’am?” Sara asks.

“Yes, you may,” I say.

Sara opens the door, and steps out of my office, making sure to close it behind her. Once she is gone, I take out my list of the students, and put a check mark next to Sara Patterson’s name.

And there you have it. I truly hope you’ve enjoyed yourself. I hope sexy Sara and her humiliating punishment was arousing and stimulating for you, and I do hope it was enough to bring you to a satisfying orgasm! It is my pleasure to share my beautiful girls and their severe (yet necessary) punishments with those that will appreciate them. Please know that you are welcome to return any time you wish and observe as many spankings as you like. And as you walk through the halls of my school and happen to notice any fetching young females in which you have a particular interest, be sure to let me know who they are! I can see to it that your preferred girl makes a visit to my office very soon!

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