A Schoolgirl’s Spanking

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“Now, Sara, do you know why you’re here?”

Sara trembles before answering.

“Because of my lateness, ma’am,” Sara says.

“That’s correct,” I say. “Is there something keeping you from getting to your classes on time?”

“Well ma’am, sometimes I feel like there isn’t enough time between classes. I like to catch up with friends, and also have to make sure I have all my books for each class, and I sometimes run a bit behind,” Sara says.

I nod to her.

“Yes Sara, but it is your responsibility to get to class in time, regardless of your other commitments,” I say.

“Yes, ma’am,” Sara says.

“Now, you’ve been late to three classes this month, and I see this as an ongoing problem,” I say. “To address this problem, you are going to be punished.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Sara says. Her heart pumps faster; she is getting scared.

“Now I’ve given you the paddle before, correct?” I say.

“Yes ma’am,” Sara says. “It really hurt, and I learned my lesson.”

“Well the paddle may have hurt, but this time I feel you need something a little worse.”

I can see the fear in her eyes. She is dreading what is going to happen next.

“Yes, Sara, this time, I’m giving you the cane,” I say.

Sara is absolutely terrified. This is her first time getting the cane, and she is never going to forget it.

“Ye-e-es, ma’am,” Sara says. She is too nervous to get the words out of her mouth.

“Good,” I say. “Now would you please retrieve the cane and place it on my desk?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Sara says. Sara steps towards the back wall, and retrieves the sturdy wooden cane from its place next to my other spanking implements. Sara makes her way back to my desk, and places the cane atop it.

The last time Sara was punished, she got the paddle on top of her panties. She likely has no idea that this time, she is going to be caned on her bare bottom. It’s time for her to find out.

“You may get undressed now, Sara,” I say. I intentionally do not specify whether she is to remove all of her clothing or just some of it. I simply wait to see how she reacts to my instruction. She places her book bag on the floor. She looks as though she is about to ask whether that includes her underwear. But she does not. Sara unbuttons her blouse and removes it. She places her blouse onto a nearby chair. Sara then unbuttons her skirt and lets it fall to her ankles.

She is not used to being seen in this state of undress. She is now wearing only her bra and panties, and her heels. She turns to face me, and now I feel the question coming.

But she is too nervous to ask. She doesn’t want to risk looking foolish. But she doesn’t want to be seen nude either. She finally eeks out the words.

“Everything?” Sara asks meekly.

“Everything,” I say in no uncertain terms. Here you go boys, I hope you enjoy it. Sara unhooks her bra fastener and places her bra onto the chair as well.

Fantastic breasts, aren’t they? So large, and so full! I bet you see now why I picked Sara from all the other girls for you feast your horny eyes. It’s okay, you can look! Remember, she doesn’t know you’re here. You can stare at her breasts for as long as you want. She doesn’t get to leave until I let her.

Well, I’m sure you want to get the spanking underway. I tell Sara to turn around and touch her toes. She does as I ask. She can see my other spanking implements leaning against the wall in front of her. A chill runs up her spine. I take the cane off my desk and step towards her.

“You may lower your panties,” I say.

Sara takes hold of her panties and pulls them down to her mid-thigh area. As she does, she catches a glimpse of me approaching her from behind, cane in hand. There is no mistaking the fear in her eyes.

I place the cane against her buttocks, to let her get a feel of it first.

“You’ll be getting twelve strokes,” I say. “You’ll count them off as we go. As always, we will begin after you politely request it.”

Sara gulps. This is it for her. As for all of you watching, I hope you’re nice and warmed up because this is the moment which you’ve been waiting.

“Miss Bloomenfield?” Sara asks. “May I have my caning?”

“Yes,” I say. I remove the cane for a second, and then give her bottom a light tap. It’s important to tease before a caning; it heightens their senses and helps builds on their dread. Sara jumps at the touch of the tap so I know my method is effective.

I wait about ten seconds and then I administer the first stroke.


Sara squeals.

“One, ma’am,” Sara says. She follows directions well. There is a reason she gets sent to my office less often than some of the other girls.

I swing the cane again.


Sara moans in agony. She knew a caning would hurt, but she wasn’t expecting this.

“Two ma’am,” Sara says. Her voice is weaker now. She will have much difficulty making it to twelve strokes. She hasn’t let out any tears yet, but they are on their way. Every girl who has gotten the cane by my hand is reduced to tears by the sixth stroke. Sara seems particularly sensitive, so I expect her to break by the third or fourth.

I swing the cane again.


“Owwwww!” Sara moans. Her breathing has become deeper; this may be it.

“Three, ma’am,” Sara says, but no sniffles. She’s managed to hold them back, but not for long, of that I am certain. I swing the cane again.


Sara squeals.

“Four ma’am,” and the sniffles are here. Sara sobs silently as her body trembles in pain.


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