A Play Date

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As I got to the car and opened the door, my husband smiled and said, “That is about the sexiest thing that I have ever seen.” I replied, “Why thank you kind sir” and started to get into the car.

My husband stopped me and said, “However you weren’t told to cover your breasts on your walk back, so you have to do it all over again.”

I had so much sexual adrenalin flowing through my body I could only beam back at him and say, “I believe that you are correct and I will be happy to oblige”, and head back down the walkway with my hands on my hips and a very exaggerated rotation in my gait.

I was having the time of my life.

I sauntered all of the way back to my original park bench, turned back towards the car fully extending my arms out to the sides to clearly show any and everyone that I was topless.

I again started to return to the car, but this time much slower than before and at every park lamp I would hold my arms out wide to bathe in the glow of the globe light, and then straddle the park lamp with my legs and perform a standing version of a stripper pole dance.

Did you know that a park lamp has a slight vibrational current that runs through it? This vibration between my legs was bringing me again to the point of no return.

My earlier application of baby oil to my legs gave me an added advantage, as I was able to slide effortlessly up and down the pole.

I was having so much fun and feeling so sexy.

By the time I got to my fourth and almost last light pole, the combination of this vibration as well as feeling so sexy outdoors again rocked my body with convulsions as I squeezed my thighs around the light pole and lost all rational thought of place and time.

I found myself again sitting on the ground. Only this time I was hugging a light pole that looked like it was coming out of a spot between my legs: and I mean really hugging it.

As my fourth orgasm of the evening subsided and I was able to pull myself back up to a standing position, I noticed another car pulling into the parking lot and stopping only two cars away from our car.

Here I was in just my panties and now clearly had another member joining my heretofore select audience. And this new member had front row seats.

I ducked back into the small alcove created by a flowering shrub and the light pole and thought, “Now what do I do? I could hide here until they either get out of their car or they leave.”

“But what if they come down the pathway right to where I am hiding? I would feel pretty stupid.”

I was starting to feel a little panic, but at the same time the thought of being seen so close to a stranger and almost naked was taking over, particularly since I still had my sexual adrenalin flowing.

I had rationalized or is it irrationalized that my husband had put me in this position, so if a total stranger saw me in nothing but my panties, it was his fault.

As I was about to step out from my place of concealment, my husband came towards me with my dress in his hand. He handed it to me and said, “I thought that you might need this considering that we have company”.

I was so disappointed.

I will tell you that every sexual bone in my body wanted to continue my topless stroll to the car and would have loved doing it. The thought of being seen in just my panties by a complete stranger had long been a fantasy of mine, and here was my change to act it out.

I realized that I was addicted to that look that comes over a person’s face when they see something that they shouldn’t, just like the man in the restaurant.

I wanted to see that look again: right now.

I guess the combination of my years of Catholic upbringing and my husband’s expectations forced me to suppress my real desires and I put my dress back on.

I purposely did not pull my dress all of the way down, but kept it at a length that barely covered my panties. I still wanted a reaction from the new voyeur.

The driver turned out to be a businessman who provided me with my last good look of the evening, as he blatantly stared at my legs and very short dress.

My husband opened the door for me and for the final time that evening, I gave my last panty peek, as I pulled my dress above me panties and shook my bottom at my husband before getting into the car.

As we drove home and I replayed the entire evening including the last look on the businessman’s face, and had one more very discreet orgasm in the car.

There was no doubt in my mind that I was an exhibitionist and loved it.

And for those that might be concerned, my husband enjoyed quite an explosion once we got into the garage along with another one early the following morning.

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