A Play Date

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My husband sat down on the bench and guided me to lay across his lap with my bottom up in the air. As he massaged my bottom, upper thighs and lower back with his hand, he told me that I had been very naughty at the restaurant tonight and needed to be taught a lesson.

He had often playfully pretended to spank me, but had never really done more than give me a slight slap on my clothed butt. This time I only had on a pair of thin nylon panties and was exposed in a public setting directly under a park lamp.

I have to admit that this scenario had me very excited, again! As he continued to massage me he suddenly lifted his hand into the air and gave me a good whack on my bottom. The sound echoed between the buildings.

I couldn’t stop myself, as my back arched and I let out a loud, “Oh God!” which created its own echo as well.

I instinctively reached back with my hands to protect myself, but he was able to grab both of them by my wrists and lift them above my back pinning me in my current position.

I know that I could have gotten loose, but I was too excited to do anything but continue to lie there.

He continued to massage my lower half and then, whack, another exquisite bolt of pain and pleasure went through my body.

Soon he got into a rhythm of massage and spanking and after just eight more whacks on my bottom, I was again doing the electric bugaloo. I was in absolute pure ecstasy as another orgasm ripped through my body. This orgasm was so intense that I found myself sitting on the pathway in a most unlady like fashion with my lower limbs all askew and unintelligible grunts issuing from my mouth.

For those of you keeping score at home, that is three orgasms and the night was still young.

This business parkway had turned into my personal sexual Garden of Eden.

As my husband helped me up, and sat me down on the bench to recover, I could feel my wild side completely replacing my mommy mentality.

Much to my delight my husband picked up my dress from the bench and said, “Don’t follow me until I get back into the car”.

I looked at him in a feigned expression of surprise and said, “What?” He turned to me with a big smile and replied, “I think that you should walk back to the car in what you are wearing so you have a chance to cool off a little.” Of course he knew that this would definitely not cool me off. In fact I could feel the heat reforming throughout my body.

As I continued to sit on the park bench in my panties, which shown very, very brightly under the parkway lamps, I watched my husband walk back to the car with my dress hanging from one arm.

It seemed like he walked forever to get back, and I realized that I was very visible sitting under a park lamp in panties that now seemed to glow in the lamplight. Have you ever noticed that white nylon literally shines in any light? I felt that I had on neon panties that yelled, “Hey everybody, look over here!”

I wondered how many of the lights in the buildings had real people on the other side of the windows looking out at me.

I searched the windows of the closest building. Did I see someone looking down towards me? I couldn’t be sure.

I was feeling the sexual glow building inside of me.

And now besides the fact that my nipples were still at full attention, I was starting to feel those little tremors again.

I didn’t want to admit it, but my outdoor exposure was really turning me on.

“Well”, I thought, “Here goes”. I stood up from the park bench and started walking back to the car quite obvious of my state of undress. I was sure that 100 sets of eyes (OK, maybe it was just one set of eyes) were watching me from the buildings and became very self-conscious of how I walked.

Why is it when you feel that you are being watched, you become self-conscious of the silliest things?

Despite my excitement at possibly being seen, I instinctively held my two hands over my breasts so that I wouldn’t be so exposed.

I was feeling so incredibly sexy and naughty that a part of me wanted to sit down on the nearest park bench and have my way with myself. I imagined sitting under one of the park lights with my legs spread wide with one hand down the front of my panties moaning and writhing in a dance of self-pleasure. Just the thought almost made me orgasm.

About half way back I stopped thinking about how I was walking and slowly strutted back to the car still covering my breasts, but making sure to pause under every park light and shake my bottom towards the car.

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