A Play Date

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We got back into the car and my husband turned to me and said, “So you still like to show off, even now that you are a mommy”. I replied, “Some things just never change, I guess. Hopefully you will still like me showing off when I am 70”.

As we drove away from the restaurant he turned to me and said, “Well, I have a little play date planned for us tonight, so you will have to do what I ask. OK?”

I smiled and said, “I am at your command, Sir”.

My husband is in sales and travels all around the city and outlying areas, so he has a very good idea of what is where all around town.

He drove me into a beautifully landscaped business park with four prominent four-story buildings that surrounded a small stream and walking path that went between all of the buildings and through the surrounding area. The parking lots as well as the walking path were well lit with old-fashioned globe streetlights, which created an almost ethereal glow on everything that they shown on.

It was quite mystical, although I had no idea why we were here.

We pulled into one of the building’s parking lots directly under a streetlight, which lit up my legs and lap like bright moonlight inside the car. I could only imagine what it would do to my white panties.

The walking path was directly in front of the car with one building to our right, another to our left and another a distance away, but directly in front of us.

I noticed many lights still on in the buildings as undoubtedly some people were putting in long hours at work.

My husband got out of the car and asked me to join him. I thought, “How romantic. We are going to take a wonderful stroll on the walking path”. I was partially correct.

My husband took my hand and we walked down the path. The path was lined with fragrant flowers and shrubs, and wrought iron benches. It was truly a beautiful place to be.

We walked down towards the stream, which put us about a block away from our car and almost at the center of the four business buildings that all overlooked the path.

We stopped under one of the pathway lights, and my husband wrapped his arms around me and gave me a tender kiss full on my lips. I just melted in his arms and pushed my body against his to enjoy his full embrace.

We kissed and hugged each other for 10 minutes or more. It seemed forever since we had had this kind of time to ourselves.

My husband followed the seam that is on the bust line of most dresses with his hand and found my hardening nipples. He slowly fondled them as a tremor of sexual excitement passed through my body.

I am one of those girls who can have an orgasm without being touched below my waistline and I was very close to demonstrating this fact to my husband.

As we continued to kiss and he continued to fondle me, I felt the first tremors of my approaching orgasm. Almost on cue my husband reached behind my back and pulled down the zipper of my dress. Then removing the linen fabric from my shoulders, he allowed the top of my dress to slide down where it gathered at my waist. I was now naked from the waist up.

The combination of the warm humid air finding so much uncovered skin and the realization that I was outdoors in a public business park, resulted in the most delectable convulsions coursing through my body. It was like a sexual electric current had been attached to me and all I could do was to go with the flow. I moaned and writhed in pleasure as my orgasm took over.

God, it felt so good to release my sexual demon after all of these weeks.

As my convulsions died down, my husband lifted my dress up over my hips, knelt and kissed me on both hipbones as well as my lower stomach. The tremors were starting up again.

I was no longer wearing a dress, but more like a blue and white striped linen belt.

He ran his tongue just above the teeny elastic band of my panties as his hands cupped my bottom and I moaned in supplication.

When he started kissing my inner thighs I again found myself on the edge. As I was about to orgasm again, he pushed the knuckles of one hand between my legs providing the most delicious sensation.

It was more than I could stand as I again shook and shimmied in sexual ecstasy.

Two orgasms in almost as many minutes.

I guess that it had been a long time.

Much to my surprise and amusement, my husband wasn’t quite finished, as he led me to a nearby park bench where he pulled my dress completely down my legs and had me step out of it.

I was now standing outdoors in nothing but my teeny white panties and tan high-heeled shoes. My outdoor nakedness brought my tremors back.

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