A Play Date

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The first time that my husband took control of my exhibitionism was on a “Play Date”.

Our children were still young enough to require a babysitter. My husband had just started a new job, which didn’t pay all that well in the beginning. I was a stay at home mom.

And we had just purchased our first house.

With potty training, cooking and cleaning, a new job, etc. we had very little time to ourselves.

Money was really tight, which gave us very few opportunities to get out on our own and even less opportunities to play.

One Friday our children were invited to spend the evening with their grandparents and we realized that we were finally going to have time to ourselves. So we arranged what we ending up calling a “play date” with each other.

My husband told me to put on something nice, but not too dressy. I wasn’t quite sure what to wear, but when I saw him in some nice beige khakis and golf polo, I thought that I had the perfect outfit for our date.

I put on a light summer linen sheath dress with vertical beige and light blue stripes that I always loved to wear, because it showed me off just right and still was very comfortable. I also put on my favorite tan high heels.

It was summer, so I applied a very light coat of baby oil (Which we seemed to have plenty of.) to my legs to give them a slight glow.

My husband thought that I looked great and patted me on my bottom as we headed to the car. A shiver of anticipation passed through my body.

We drove to a local Chili’s for dinner, where we were two of the better-dressed people in the place.

I could tell by the looks from a man at an adjoining table, that my dress was short enough to allow some great looks at my legs. I enjoyed the attention that I was getting from him as well as from my husband.

The man seemed to be on a date as well, but I was garnering much more of his focus than his date was.

We had a wonderful dinner. It was so good to be by ourselves on a real date, just like we used to before we were married.

I had worked real hard to lose the baby fat that I had gained with having our children, and felt that I was back to looking good again.

By the looks that I was getting from my husband and the other man, it seemed that my hard work had paid off.

We lingered over dinner and dessert until the sun was about set, talking about anything and everything. It was so good to feel sexy again.

This other couple was lingering over their dinner as well. I’d like to think that he was staying to keep looking at me.

I mentioned the looks that I was getting from the man at the other table to my husband.

As my husband paid the bill, he whispered to me that I should be careful when I slide out of the booth since my admirer would be able to see up my dress. I whispered back, “What a great idea!”

As we got up to leave I glanced to see whether my admirer was looking my way, which he was. I made an exaggerated effort of moving one leg way out as I swung my body towards him to get out of the booth I was sitting in.

By the change in his eyes I could tell that he was getting a very good look at my very white nylon bikini panties.

I was wearing a very teeny pair of white nylon bikini panties that had two horizontal stripes of sheer material across the front of them, which gave a tiny peak if my trim.

I stayed in this position for a moment as I looked up at my husband standing in the aisle and said, “How’s this?”

I could tell that he was a little shocked by my sassy display, but at the same time he was enjoying me being naughty.

I finally stood up and smiled at my onlooker as I made a point of smoothing my dress over my hips and buttocks.

I couldn’t help but laugh when his girlfriend or wife hit him on the shoulder to regain his attention.

I though of how much fun I used to have showing off while we were dating and now remembered what I enjoyed the most about it.

I love the look on a person’s face when they see something that they weren’t expecting, and how they seem to enjoy it. In this case it was my white nylon panty up skirt and his look did not disappoint me: not one bit.

It seems that even as a mom I could still bring out that look in a stranger’s eyes. At least it worked with one gentleman.

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