A ‘Perfect’ Stranger

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My hand wrapped around his cock, gently squeezing and stroking when my mouth wasn’t in its way. I moved slowly and smoothly up and down, loving the feel of him in my warm, wet mouth.

“As much.. As I’d.. ahh.. Love for you to do that for the.. Oooh .. Rest of the day, I need to be inside you.. So if you could…” Drake trailed off, pressing my head down, causing me to swallow around him in my throat.

I didn’t even have a chance to move on my own as he then pulled me up, my breasts and tummy sliding across him, wrangling a startled moan from his throat. He stared into my eyes as I made the ascent. Pulling me down for a kiss, his tongue slipped past my lips at the same time the head of his cock pressed against me, slipping inside. Drake’s hands moved down to my hips urging me on, applying enough pressure that I felt he was in control. He slid deep, and my muscles twitched and stretched, adjusting to the size, finally settling into a tight embrace.

We settled into a rhythm, my hips moved, wriggling to feel every inch of Drake, while his hands drifted up, cupping my breasts, thumbs moving to graze over my nipples. They instantly hardened, a moan wrenched from my throat, my pussy clenching as I pressed down against him, drawing him deeper still.

Drake’s hands wandered up my back, exerting pressure, and I bent forward, bracing my hands on either side of his shoulders, using them for leverage as my hips rocked against him. His hands slid up into my hair, as he pulled me down for another kiss. I whimpered, feeling like I couldn’t get close enough to him. In the next instant, Drake shifted, and with a swift movement, rolled me underneath him, his throbbing cock still buried inside me. Bracing himself on his hands, he drove deep, intent on reaching one goal. Our mutual orgasm.

The weight of his body was driving me crazy, the way his cock stretched and opened me to him sent wave after wave of wetness rushing from my body. I felt myself getting close, real close.. I moaned, biting down on my bottom lip as my fingernails dug into his shoulders. The tempo increased, my breath caught in my throat, and he threw his head back. Taking one last stroke, he slammed into me, driving as deep as is humanly possible, while the head of his cock swelled and he exploded, shuddering against me, as my hips jerked up to meet his, my own climax taking over.

My muscles rippled, milking every last drop from his straining manhood. He unlocked his elbows, almost collapsing on top of me. Panting, gasping for breath, and lay sated, in a cocoon of love, and primal need.

Minutes later, Drake lifted his head.

“Lady, you’re not going to make it to work today.”

“Lucky for us it’s my day off.” Wrapping my arms and legs around him, I pulled him down for a kiss, feeling his cock twitch and come to life inside me.

Drake laughed as he broke the kiss. “It’s gonna be a looong day.”

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