A Man’s Place

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“SHIT! Get off me!”

She seemed to think for a while. “No! I like fucking you, and I’ve had a few good ideas I now don’t want to spoil. From now on, you are my bitch, slave, whore, and maid. GOT THAT?”


She rammed the penis hard up my ass and slapped me. “I SAID, GOT THAT???”

I shivered. “Yes, I’m sorry.”

“Good.” She started to rub my penis as she fucked me. “Now relax, because I’m going to fuck you all night.”

I woke to find it was a Saturday, no work. I also woke to find Marion had lit the fire. Something was odd about it though. She had burnt all my male clothes. I went back in the bedroom to think, when she came in.

She didn’t say a word, she just turned me over and inserted the penis in me again. She fucked me hard again, then stopped to take off whatever she put on my back, yet replaced them with new ones. Once again she injected me, this time five times!

“I’ve taken the liberty of burning your horrible male clothes and replacing them with whore’s and maid’s clothes and underwear. I’ve made up the guestroom that is where you will sleep from now on. I’ve also put an ad on the internet looking for a man who can look after me.”

“What?? Why??”

“You think I want someone like you? No, you are my maid now, remember?”

She was dress in a short leather dress. Really SM gear.

Two weeks went by. My breasts have now grown to C size. I serve my wife and her new live-in boyfriend, Jack, as their maid. I was fired from my job, Marion took over my function. Jack and Marion would sit in each others arms and watch TV, or kiss in front of me, make love. She even invited my ex-boss, Erica, round and the three of them fucked all night.

Things were now really bad. When things started to look up, they got worse still.

My wife had not slept with me since that Saturday. But this time something was different. She came into my room with her false penis on and told me that I had been good and I could have a treat.

She greased up my arse and slid the penis in. Whilst doing that though, she blindfolded me. Suddenly she pulled out. Then I felt it. The penis again, yet this time it seemed…MY GOD!! It was Jack, he started fuck me up my ass. I tried to pull away but Marion slapped me. “TAKE IT YOU WHORE!!!”

I then felt another penis, this time at my mouth. So there were two men! Shit! He pumped my mouth until he came and I had to drink his cum down. I couldn’t believe it.

The three of them, the two men, Jack and Kyle, and Marion with her false penis, fucked me all night, and the next day. Then the next night, they dressed me in red silk thin panties, a red basque, and red stockings. They then dressed me a red rubber mini dress. My hair had grown long and made to look feminine, now peroxided blonde.

The make-up they put on me made me look like a whore.

It was when they drove me to the nearest red-light area, and pushed me on the street.

“Now you whore,” said Marion. “Make some money!”

MY GOD! They expected me to me a she-male prostitute!

I was surprised to be picked up straight away by a young guy. He looked quite decent. I got in his Mazda and we drove back to his flat.

“You’re a good looking lady. I’m a little nervous. I don’t usually do this, but my girlfriend left me, and, you know, I don’t fancy being alone. I’m Paul by the way. Er…how much an hour?”

“I’m Michelle. Er, jeez, er, 40 pounds?”

“Er, okay. Here you go.”

I made him have a shower first, then he came back in to the bedroom. I took my dress off. We laid down on the bed, and he started to feel my breasts, I rubbed his penis. Then his hand went down between my legs. He jumped.

“You, you, you’re a transsexual????”

“Er, yes, you didn’t know?”

“Well, I’m for women you see. I’m not 1% gay.”

“I see.”

“Wait, well maybe, you know, nobody will know will they?”

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