A Man’s Place

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I couldn’t believe my luck, a raise! Finally, after working three years in this stinking company as Marketing Manager, and I finally get a raise. Okay, granted, it took for the company to be bought out, have a number of people sacked, and to squirm like mad to do it, but I got there! 5000 quid a year raise, geez, finally!

I needed this raise, and to hang on to the job. My wife, Marian, had finished her studies, also in marketing, and not been able to find work. It looked like I’d be supporting her for the rest of my life, but why not, she deserved it, poor girl; she shouldn’t need to work, I’d do anything for her, anything.

“Mr Wyatt; Miss Sloan would like to see you in her office, immediately.” It was Miss Sloan’s secretary on the phone. Miss Sloan was the newly appointed CEO of the company. People said she was mad and a tyrant. Well, I was about to find out. I’d met her before, briefly, to be told I was keeping my job and that I would get a raise, “and, you’d better be worth it!!” She finished by saying.

Most of the male employees had been sacked, strangely enough; he was one of about four that were kept.

“Ah, Michael dear, shut the door, take a seat.” She said on my arrival. She was very sexy for her age. Oh, don’t get me wrong, she was only about 40, but some women tended to sag a bit by then, she didn’t, else she had plastic surgery. “I haven’t really had much chance to get to know you yet, I only saw you those brief minutes last week. I am led to believe that you are the best worker in this firm. I can happily say that after reviewing your past and present work, you truly are very good. Keep it up.”

“Thank you Miss Sloan. That’s very kind of you.”

“I know it is dear. By the way, call me Erica.”

“Fine, Erica.” A simple smile from her as she stood up from her chair and walked to her personal bar. She poured two whiskeys and carried one over to me.

“Michael, I’m not going to beat around the bush. There’s something you should know. When you signed the contract for the pay rise, you also accepted that you may have to wear a uniform while you, erm, are at work. Do you remember?”

“Yes, but surely you don’t actually want me to wear one?”

She smiled and shuck her head. “No, no. But I’m just informing you that the clause is there. Now, as you know this is a women’s fashion agency.”

I laughed at little at this. “I should do, I’ve worked here for three years.”

She took the opportunity to laugh, also. “Yes, well, this is why I fired the a lot of the male employees. I want my employees to wear the clothes we design to work.” Er…what was going on here. “Now, you and the other employees are well suited to the clothes as you are, how can I say this without offending you? Feminine, you know, in your body shape. And I would like you to start wearing our clothes to work. They will, of course, be given to you free of charge.”

I thought about this. It couldn’t be happening. “Let me get this straight. Erm, you, want me, to wear women’s clothes, to work?”

“Yes and no. I want you to wear the clothes we design, to work. Unfortunately, this is a a women’s fashion designer.” She saw the look on my face. “Listen dear, you do have the other option.”

“The uniform.”

“No dear, the door!”

Ah, well that was the catch, wasn’t it? “I’ll need to think about it. Will you give me till tomorrow?”

“Well, okay, but only you. But I expect to see you here tomorrow in one of our designs or don’t come at all.”

I went home with my head hung low. I sat down to talk about the problem with my wife Marion.

“Oh god, honey, that’s awful. What are we going to do?” She said giving me a hug.

“I don’t know, I can’t lose that job, you know it.”

“You can’t wear women’s clothes, you’ll look stupid!”

“I know, but you know what the employment situation is like!”

She sighed. “Yeah, you’re right. Come on then, let’s drive over to the depot and get you those clothes then.”

An hour later we were back. Marion had picked most of the things out, but there was a list waiting in the reception area of what I was to wear to work.

“Go and take a shower and I’ll lay some of the clothes out for you to put on now, maybe we can mix and match to make the clothes look more masculine.” She said.

I just nodded and went to shower.

She came into the shower just as I was getting out. I loved the sight of her young naked tanned body, and her long brown hair.

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