A Maid In The Hands

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He pushed them down to my ankles and then took my hips, pulling me down onto his lap. He had closed his legs and I sat on them, looking ahead. His face came into my hair and he took a deep breath as he slide my legs open with my hands. He lifted up my skirt. “Take this,” he said.

I held it up for him, exposing myself to the living room.

“Now I wanna see,” he said, hands moving up my legs, “how wet my dirty little maid gets.”

I tilted my head back as his fingers moved up and started stroking my pussy. “Yes, Mr. Bradshaw,” I half whispered. I couldn’t believe that he was doing this… or how good it felt, having his dirty old hands over my slit.

He just kept stroking me then for a bit. “You like that, don’t you bitch.”

I just nodded in pleasure, his fingers exploring my outer folds.

“Want something inside?” he said to my ear.

“Yesss,” I whispered again.

“Then ask for it.”

I smiled when he said that. ‘You’re going to make me your little slut, aren’t you,’ I thought. “Mr. Bradshaw, please. My pussy’s so wet… I really want to feel something in it…”

His finger moved near my hole and started circling it.

I spread my legs even more and continued, “please sir… I’m just a dirty little girl… I really want your finger in my wet pussy…”

That was all it took. He slid his finger up my pussy all the way nice and smooth and I let out a loud moan as he did.

“You like that, don’t you, you little bitch.” His other hand was up now at my clit, rubbing gently.

I writhed in pleasure as he probed my inner walls.

“Just look how wet you are, you little whore.” He started sliding his finger in and out of me and kept going, “and I’m just fingering your slit. I bet you finger yourself all the time, don’t you.”

I’ve never felt myself get as hot as fast and I started moving my hips against him.

“Oh? You’re gonna fuck my finger now, are you. Ride it good, you little whore. I wanna feel you cum all over it. Do you hear me, you little slut.”

I moaned again and he moved a thumb over my clit, making his hand free to grab my left breast over my shirt. There was no delicacy as he grabbed it, just a rough animal groping as I kept pumping.

My breathing got shallower. “Hot little bitch, you’ve been teasing me for months. Who knew it turned you on this much.”

I could feel my pussy get suddenly hot and I knew what was coming…

“You make a real nice toy, you know that…”

I let out a long moan as I felt the orgasm start over me. My pussy shuddered and I pumped hard on his fingers, feeling them slide in and out. My breasts tingled as I came, and I threw my head back, closing my eyes and letting it wash over me.

I slowed and his hands eventually stopped. I let out a satisfied moan.

“Good little girl. You like that, don’t you.”

I nodded, feeling happily pleasured. I let out a gasp as he slid his fingers from my wet pussy.

“You’ve made my hands a bit dirty.” His hands were brought up close to my face. “I think you should clean me up now.” He pushed them forward to my lips and slid them in. I had never tasted myself on someone else’s fingers and besides, I just didn’t feel like saying no to anything he said. I opened my mouth and stroked them with my tongue as they entered before closing my lips on them and sucking.

“Oh you little cunt,” he said gruffly as I sucked, “you’re really good with your mouth, aren’t you.”

I sucked a bit more now, knowing what a dirty slut I was becoming in front of him.

His free hand drifted to my breast and he closed his hand on it, pinching my sensative nipple. “Aren’t you,” he said again as he pinched.

I nodded quickly.

“Well aren’t you lucky. I’m gonna let you give me a full demonstration today.” He slid his fingers in and out of my mouth, clearly demonstrating what he was expecting. “But first, take that fucking shirt off.”

He moved his hand out of my mouth and pushed me out of his lap with two hands. I stood up shakily and turned around, looking at him for the first time since he touched my cunt. His face looked determined, like a man who wasn’t going to understand the word no.

And I hardly wanted to be the one who said no. I was fully turned on and pleasured now. I reached down and slid my tank top up and off my head, setting it down on the couch.

“The fucking bra too,” he said.

I reached behind and fumbled a second before unclasping it. ‘Fumbling?’ I thought, ‘what the hell is this? It’s not like this is my first time…’ It slid off too and I set it on my shirt.

He smiled. “Get them over here,” he told me.

I moved closer and leaned in a bit but he had other plans.. he grabbed my right tit in one hand and my hip in the other and leaned forward quickly, sucking hard on them.

“Oh, Mr. Bradshaw.. ” I moaned a bit as he sucked on me.

“What,” he said, looking up at me. “Come on, undo my pants, you little slut.”

I reached down between his arms and clumsily undid his pants as he kept sucking and biting at my tits. When he moved to my left tit I could see my right one, with light bite marks on it and red all over. Finally his shorts were open and he pulled my hips down now until we were face to face.

“Now you’re gonna suck my cock,” he said to me. I don’t think I’ve ever been more ready to suck in my life as when he took my head and pushed it down, in front of his meat.

He was fully erect when I got there and I looked at it for a second. I stuck my tongue out and rolled it over the tip of his tongue, tasting his precum a bit.

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