A Hot Day In The Shower

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Now my cock is slimed and ready. I pull out and slip back and upward to your anus, pressing against the hole to feel its resistance. My shaft is iron-hard, and as I push a little harder forward I sense you yield, letting my cock pierce your rim and enter your bowel. I begin to fuck you slowly, carefully, but you need more. You are gasping “Oh God, fuck it deeper into me!” My rhythm begins to build. At last, I am ripping into you, hard and fast, and you still beg for more. It is too late for either of us to hold back. You start to cry out, your legs shake and your whole weight rests on my cock, buried into you, joining us together. The spunk is rising in my shaft. With a final jerk, I let it blast out of me, splattering your innards. For a few moments we are both breathless. You are sweating, your hair plastered to your back, broken into submission and exhausted. And then you turn to smile and put your arms around me, ready to start again…

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