A Hot Day In The Shower

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My left hand moves to work you pussy now, the fingers running up and down your swollen lips, which are slick with juice. I slip inside you, one finger first, then two as I realise how wet and open you’ve become. You feel capable of taking my whole hand – maybe even wanting that. But I have other priorities.

I drop to my knees and briefly flick my tongue along and around your pussy, before bringing your bottom round to face me. I use my hands to pull your buttocks apart, then dip my head forward into the soft space between them. I want to worship you with my mouth. Your arse lips are tightly pursed and as I let my tongue flick between them, I feel your involuntary clench at the first touch against your hidden rosebud, but you lean forward against the wall and let you bottom relax, pressing outwards against my face. I run my tongue back across your anus, across the tiny corrugations in your skin, feeling the slight dip in the centre which will soon respond to me. I can taste the lemon scent of the shower gel but also a trace of an earthier flavour, an animal scent from deep inside you. I pulled your cheeks a little further apart, eager now to let my tongue drift around the sphincter, feeling the tiny wrinkles of your taut, clenched membrane. You shivered slightly as I do so.

I apply a little more pressure, licking across your anal mouth, smoothing the tension out of you. Another shudder passes through your body and this time I feel it all the way down into you depths. You soften and surrender yourself to me, and as my tongue swirls across your arsehole, your lips begin to open to my tongue. This is the moment. I press my tongue hard against your arse lips and it slides into you, French-kissing you, as you lovingly open to accept my tongue. I let it drift inside you, and feel the way your sphincter muscle grip me. This is bliss. I continue to work you with my tongue, but now there is no need to pull your cheeks apart. You are forcing yourself back, hungry for deeper penetration, holding yourself wantonly open, gaping for me.

I let my left hand slip round to your pussy, which is hot and moist, not from the shower but from your love secretions. I slither my fingers along its length, tickling the clit then sliding down your lips to move inside you, and then back up to your clit to tease and flick and pinch you. Now I bring my sodden fingers round. They are slick with your juices as I tongue your arse. I hold back my mouth and slip one finger deep inside you. You take it eagerly. I pull back and press a second finger through the tight barrier. Now, with two fingers inside you, I can move my other hand round to work again on your cunt, while my tongue begins to lick and taste your tight rim, forced against my fingers as they stretch you apart. You are groaning now, your breath coming in sighs. The way you are responding to me is fantastic, like the anal slut I have dreamt of finding for so long.

“Tell me what you want” I say. “I won’t do any more until I hear you ask”. “You bastard,” you moan, “for God’s sake don’t stop. Fill my fucking arsehole!” I know you won’t stop me now, that I can do whatever I want or need. For a moment I watch you, my eyes a few inches from your straining, writhing arse. You are sweating now and your breathing is becoming ragged. You are almost ready for me. Once again, I work you with my tongue, using my other hand to pitch and squeeze your greasy clitoris, teasing and flicking you. One hand pushes into your cunt, the other fingers fuck your butthole. Your body begins to tremble, and I know you are very close.

“Oh, God” you gasp, “I need more inside my arse. I need to be filled, I need your cock. I want you to pump it up my arsehole. I need to be stuffed full. Oh God, I want you to fill my fucking arse!” But your arse will have to wait a little longer. I am going to fuck you first. I rise to stand behind you and force my cock smoothly into your cunt. I power five, six deep hard stokes into you, slamming you forward against the cold tiles. You are gasping and crying out. Now a few slow, teasing full-length strokes, burying myself to the hilt, then withdrawing slowly to almost slip out of you, before sliding relentlessly back inside. I speed up to enjoy a few faster, vicious plunging thrusts that make my balls and belly slap against your bum cheeks.

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