A Girlfriend Shared

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“Shut up,” Megan said. She pushed his legs together and kneeled on the couch. She grabbed his dick and lowered herself. Bliss washed over his face as his cock was engulfed by warm pussy. Unhurriedly, she pumped her hips back and forth, working the cock inside her. She braced herself with one hand and reached for his balls with her other. Jim was delirious.

“I love having your cock in me, Jim. It feels so good. You make me so wet. That’s right, baby, fuck my tight pussy.”

Jim started to stiffen.

“That’s right, baby. I want you to cum in me.” She stopped rocking her body and started to bounce in his lap, sliding up and down his cock. Jim’s hands were on her hips, forcing her body up and down. He grunted, then gasped, his whole body surging upwards. Megan could feel his cum in her. She pulled herself off him and went to the bathroom to clean up. She came back out a minute later and found him dazed, still lying on the couch, their juices still on his crotch. Megan cleaned him with her washcloth and sat next to him, a towel wrapped around her body.

“So, how was your sex?” she asked.

He looked at her and grinned.

“Amazing, thanks. And tell Barry I said thanks, too. I’m much more relaxed now. I think I’m ready for that test. Did you cum?”

Megan shook her head.

“No, but that’s fine. It was about you, not me. Anyway, I have laundry to do and I need to go food shopping. Whenever you’re ready, let Barry know we’re done. I’m sure he’ll love to hear all about it from me tonight.”

“Megan, seriously, thanks.”

A Girlfriend Shared

Megan walked over and kissed him chastely on the cheek.

“Jim, seriously, you’re welcome.

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