A Girlfriend Shared

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“I’d hate to get in the way, so I’m going to go sit on the picnic table outside and have a smoke or two.” In a flash, Barry was out the door. Jim was left alone with Megan.

“Uh, Megan, you know you don’t have to go through with this.”

Megan smiled warmly. “I know, that’s why I kind of want to. Anyway, I like you. You’re a good guy and you deserve better then Becky. She’s a prude.”

She walked over to where Jim was sitting and pulled him to his feet.

“No kissing,” she said, “otherwise, you can touch all you like.”

Jim backed away a step. “Really, I won’t insist you do this. It’s not a big deal. I don’t want Barry to be pissed at either of us.”

“Don’t worry, Jim,” Megan said, “I don’t know football, but I’m sure Barry lost on purpose. I’ve said more then once to him that I think you’re hot. He’s giving me a chance to see what happens. Here, let’s get that shirt off.”

Jim put his hands up and Megan pulled the shirt off over his head. Her hands ran up and down his torso and across his chest.

“You are hot. You spend time on your body and Becky won’t appreciate it. If I were your girlfriend, I’d fuck you every day.”

She gazed in his eyes as her hands slipped down to his waist. In moments, his belt was unbuckled and his fly unzipped. Megan lightly raked his lower stomach with her nails. He jerked at the touch.

“You’re shaking a little, Jim,” she said with concern, “Are you uncomfortable?”

“I, uh, don’t have a lot of experience. I don’t want to humiliate myself.”

“Don’t think or do anything, okay? I’ll take care of you. In fact, your body’s already doing the right thing.”

Megan lightly pressed against his crotch with the palm of her hand. His dick was hardening quickly. He jolted at the touch.

“It’s okay,” Megan said quietly, “Just breathe for me. I’m going to take off your shorts now.”

She eased his khakis over his hips and down his legs. She leaned over and pulled each foot out of its pantleg. She stood back up. Her hands rubbed his thighs and she eyed him from head to toe.

“You know, I don’t see you have nearly as much beer as Barry does. If it has this effect on him, I’m revoking his drinking priviledges. Here, would you please take my shirt off?”

Megan turned around and put her back to him. Her ass grinded into his crotch. She took his hands in hers and moved them to the hem of her shirt. She eased the shirt up, one inch at a time. The bottom was almost to her tits and she put her hands straight up in the air. Jim pulled the shirt up and over her tits. He watched them pop into view while looking over her shoulder. The shirt went up and off her body. Megan lowered her arms and took his hands again. She moved them around her sides to the front of her body, cupping her. Jim’s hands gently squeezed and felt her tits. His head started to swim.

Megan stood, hands on hips, allowing Jim to fondle her. She loved being touched and his too-gentle and too-uncertain groping was turning her on. She spun in his arms and hugged him tightly, crushing her tits against his chest. Then she started to slide down his body. She ended up on her knees, her face in front of his straining underwear. She pulled down on his boxers and slid them to the floor.

He wasn’t huge or overwhelming, but Megan thought Jim had a nice-looking cock. It was smooth and pulsing. She cupped his balls and wrapped her other hand around his dick. She stroked it lightly while giving his nuts soft squeezes. Jim’s hips swayed in response. His hands stroked and pinched her nipples. Megan felt her pussy moisten.

She took her hands off him. Jim, thinking something went wrong, took a step back and looked at her, confusion in his eyes.

“No, everything’s okay. I know it wasn’t in the bet, but I want to give you your first blowjob.”

Jim panicked, “No, no. That’s okay. I’m fine with just a handjob. In fact, that’s too much. I should go.”

In response, Megan moved closer to Jim’s crotch. He watched, spellbound, as she took the head of his cock in her mouth. She looked up at him and ran her tongue back and forth on the underside of his dick. He gasped as her hands grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper into her mouth. Jim watched his entire cock disappear down Megan’s throat. He felt the tip of her tongue caressing his balls. Megan’s head bobbed up and down ever so slightly. Jim’s hips bucked as she started sucking his dick.

“Oh, my god,” he said.

Megan backed off and pulled her mouth off his dick. She smiled at him. Her focus went back to his crotch and she started licking his balls. She ran her hand up and down his dick, barely making contact. His sack disappeared into her mouth and she sucked. She pulled her mouth off and his nuts popped out with a wet ‘plop.’ She looked up and grinned. Jim’s gaze was slightly out of focus.

Megan straightened herself in front of him again. She opened her mouth and put her tongue under the very tip of Jim’s dick and sat quietly. He looked at her, confused. She reached up and pulled his hips towards her, moving his dick into her mouth. She saw the lightbulb go on in his head and he started to pump his hips, fucking her mouth. He kept going in only halfway. Megan pulled on his hips again, forcing him deep into her mouth. Jim thrusted harder and pushed his down her throat. She sucked greedily, making him work to pull out of her mouth.

Megan let him pound away for a minute before pushing hard against his stomach. He fell onto the couch. She chased after him and put her head in his lap, devouring his dick again. Jim, more confident, plunged his hands into her hair, wrapping it around his fists. He pulled her head down onto his cock, feeling his balls start to tingle.

Megan, used to rough sex, had two free hands. She pulled her shorts off and started rubbing her clit. Pleasure ran through her body as she fingered herself. She was soaking wet.

‘I want to fuck him,’ she thought to herself.

Jim was all but pushing on the back of her head. Megan let him use her mouth an extra few moments, then pinched his calf.

“Ah! What the heck?”

She smiled. Even with that, he didn’t swear. What a cute kid.

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