A Girlfriend Shared

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Jim knocked on the door.

“Jim or Barry?” Megan’s voice came through the door and over the sound of the water.


“Can you wait another ten?” Megan asked.

“No. Seriously, I’m going to burst.”

“Okay, c’mon in, but no peeking.”

Jim turned the handle and opened the door. He immediately realized what Barry was talking about. The shower didn’t have a curtain. Instead, it was fogged glass. He could easily make out Megan’s body, but no extra details. He used the toilet, took on quick glance at her fuzzy outline, and went back out into the living room.

Barry leered at him as he took his seat. “Nice view, huh?”

“She’s a bit of a show-off, I think,” Jim said.

“Yeah, she loves her body and would share it with the world. I like that confidence,” Barry replied.

Five minutes later, the shower cut out and Megan emerged in the bathrobe, her hair wrapped in a pink fuzzy towel. She detoured behind Jim and Barry and the tv. The doorbell rang as she was walking towards the bedroom.

“Honey, can you pay the pizza guy? And don’t forget to tip him,” Barry said.

“Of course not,” Megan said. She grabbed the money off the end table and went to answer the door. Barry smiled at Jim, conspiracy all over his face. He paused the game and nodded towards the door. Megan opened it and took the pizza from the delivery man, a balding, overweight guy past his prime. They exchanged brief pleasantries and she gave him the cash. He turned to leave and she stopped him.

“Hey,” Megan said.

The guy turned back. Megan pulled her bathrobe wide open and off her shoulders. The collar and top hung down to her midriff, giving Jim and Barry an unobstructed view of her back. Jim could see the sides of her tits from behind her. The pizza guy’s eyes immediately dropped to her body. His breathing went ragged. Megan continued to hold her robe open, exposing herself for a full 10 seconds before slowly wrapping it around her. The pizza guy looked at her face, out of breath, and walked away dazed.

“Nice,” Barry said. He turned to Jim. “See, we’re new to this pizza place. Megan just ensured we’ll get expedient delivery forever.”

Megan shrugged. “Just trying to help.”

Jim got bold. “It’s too bad I missed the show.”

Megan laughed. “Maybe you’ll get your chance.” She strode into the bedroom and shut the door behind her.

“That doesn’t bother you?” Jim asked Barry.

“No. It’s her body, not mine. And you can’t be jealous at every little thing in life, man. It doesn’t make for a good time. I’m comfortable with who I am and who she is, so I can blow off anything, you know?”

Barry won the game, 35-14. They reset and started in on the pizza. Megan came out of the bedroom wearing a t-shirt and shorts. She sat on the couch and watched them play. Jim tried not to stare. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

“So,” Barry said, “You still anxious about your tests?”

“Yeah,” Jim replied, “I’m trying to relax but stay focused.”

“Get Becky to bang you,” Megan said. “That should be something to calm you down.”

“She doesn’t want to move too fast. It’s been a few months and she won’t have sex yet. She doesn’t want a relationship that’s purely physical,” Jim said.

“Sex is important to a relationship,” Barry said.

“I know,” Jim said, “I’m going nuts.”

“She blows you, at least, right?” asked Megan.

“Honestly, and I’ve never told this to anyone, I’ve never gotten a blowjob.”

Barry looked shocked. “What? You’re kidding!”

“No, sir. I’ve dated three girls. One was like two weeks and nothing ever happened. The other one had sex with me a few times, but she refused to give oral. Becky apparently is the same, for what she said over the weekend. I’ll quote: “Ewww.”

Megan looked hurt. “That’s terrible. I feel so bad for you.”

Barry laughed. “Bad enough to help him out?”

“What? Uh, I don’t think so. I mean, Jim is a great guy, but that’s not something you’d be comfortable with, is it?” She looked at Barry, frowning.

“Well,” Barry replied, “It wouldn’t mean anything and my buddy could use some, uh, assistance.”

Jim stood up. “No, thanks. I’m cool. I ought to be going anyway. I need to do a little more reading and get ready for tomorrow.”

“Whoa there, young stud,” Barry said, “We’re not done here. Sure, I got the ball, I’m up by one, and there are less then two minutes. That doesn’t mean you can just head on out because you’re afraid to lose. Besides, we still have half a pie to chew on here.”

“I always lose to you,” Jim said. “That’s where my perserverance kicks in. It’s never bothered me.”

Barry winked at Jim and turned to Megan. “Baby, how’s this? If Jim can do the unthinkable and beat me here, you calm his nerves and jerk him off real quick.”

Megan frowned again. “Becky should really be the one taking care of that. It’s like her duty. But, since she doesn’t, I’m insulted. Jim’s a good guy and any girl would want a chance with him. And since you never lose… You know what? I’m in. I’ll do it.”

Jim protested. “No, it’s really okay. I mean, I appreciate the sentiment, but I don’t want to mess up your relationship. I can take care of myself, but thanks anyway.”

Barry smiled. “She said yes. Too late, my friend. Anyway, I’m good, so you won’t be beating me.”

Barry was so good he forced three passes into heavy coverage. The last throw went for a pick. 80 seconds later, Jim was lining up the field goal unit as time was expiring. The video game announcers called the play.

“Here’s the attempt for the win. The kick is up. It’s good!”

Jim watched orange-clad football players celebrating onscreen as “Rocky Top” played. He looked at Barry, who was getting up off the couch.

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