A Girlfriend Shared

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*For those who have been following any of my stories, you may have noticed a penchant for public nudity, exhibitionism, nudism, and so forth. That is and will always be my first and foremost genre. This story is a change of pace. I’m going outside my zone and I’m writing a different kind of story. This is my first drawn-out sex scene.. Check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks for reading.

Barry and Jim spent Friday night shooting pool. Their girlfriends, Megan and Becky, went for the music and the atmosphere. Jim couldn’t help but notice Megan, Barry’s girl. He met her a few times but he never really got to know her. She stood in stark difference to Becky. Jim was never a party-animal and the few girls he dated were what most considered prim. Becky was wearing a long, dark cotton dress with sleeves. She could have passed for Amish. She sat hugging the wall, sipping her fruity cocktail.

Megan was a different story. She wore a tiny denim skirt and a small halter top that showed plenty of cleavage. She was a bigger girl, round and soft, but she wasn’t shy about showing skin and her confidence attracted many people. She was quick with a smile and a witticism, where Becky frowned and rolled her eyes.

Jim was looking to break when Barry tapped him with the cue.

“Hey, how are you and Becky doing?” Barry asked.

“Okay. We’re having fun,” Jim said, looking at Becky, ass-in-seat. Megan was gyrating in front of her, giving her a half-assed lap-dance. Becky looked pissed. “Yeah, fun, she’s not too outgoing, but she’s okay.”

“You get some pussy yet?” Barry asked.

“No,” Jim replied. “It’s been only four months and I’m not pushing for it. You know I’m not really aggressive or experienced.”

“It’s not you,” Barry said, “You just pick the wrong ones. See? That one’s a right one.”

He pointed at Megan, who climbed a chair to dance. Her skirt didn’t even reach midthigh. Jim noted she had dark blue panties. Their waiter moseyed over and offered a hand to Megan, shaking his head. He said something that couldn’t be heard over the music and she replied. He laughed hard and motioned with his hand a second time. Jim and Barry moved in to make sure things were okay. Megan took the waiter’s hand and jumped down. Her shoe caught the edge of the chair and she fell into his chest.

“Whoa! Good thing you’re strong! I might have knocked you over.” Her hands wandered down to his stomach, groping for a second. “Nice abs! You think that six pack of yours can deliver another pitcher to us?”

The waiter smiled and nodded. “Be right back,” he said.

“C’mon, Jim, your shot,” Barry said.

“Hey, if I sink the 3-ball and bury the 8, you buy the pitcher. Deal?”

“Sure thing, I’m game,” Barry replied. He turned, whistled at Megan, and nodded toward the table. Becky glared daggers as Megan sauntered over, hips swaying. She stood at the pocket Jim was aiming at. She bent over at the waist, generous portions of her tits spilling over her bra and out her loose halter top. Jim took a second to enjoy the view, then hit his shot.

“I’m going to the bathroom!” Becky announced to the world. She stood and stalked off.

Jim calculated his next shot and took his position. Megan appeared at his side, her mouth inches from his ear.

“I’m glad she’s gone,” Megan breathed, “Now I can really distract you.”

He jerked as her hand landed on his hip and slid to his leg. She started rubbing his upper thigh through his pants.

“You like to get your cock sucked, Jim? Because I love to give head. You want your dick in my mouth? I take it all and I swallow every drop of cum.”

Jim took his shot. The clunk of the 8 ball finding the bottom of the pocket was satisfying. Megan shrugged at Barry.

“Hell, I tried,” she said.

Barry laughed. “I thought it was going to work. Unlucky, babe, but good effort.”

Megan’s eyes glanced at the crotch of Jim’s pants. She smiled brightly.

“It did work,” she said.

They left an hour later. In the parking lot, Megan was pressing her body against Barry.

“Baby, I’m so hot. Dancing makes me want to fuck.”

Becky, loosely holding Jim’s hand, snorted. Barry grinned.

“I gotta take care of business, man. I’ll see you Monday night, right?”

As soon as the couple left, Becky tore into Megan. “I don’t know why I let you take me out with them. That girl only talks about sex, she doesn’t wear appropriate clothes, and she has no self-respect. She’s disgusting!”

“She’s smart, she earns high grades, and she’s friendly,” Jim said.

“No, she’s slutty and an attention whore.”

Jim changed the topic. “They went home to have sex. Are you interested in something like that?”

“No. I like how our relationship is developing and I don’t want to rush it.”

“Well,” Jim pressed, “I have some important tests next week and I’m getting anxious. How about a blowjob or something?”

Becky colored and looked vaguely insulted. “You want that? It’s degrading and gross. A penis doesn’t belong in a person’s mouth. Yuck.”

Jim figured a handjob was out. They rode home in silence. Five minutes later, he received his chaste kiss on the cheek and went home frustrated.

Monday night was NCAA ’08 football night for Barry and Jim. They played video games once every week for the past six years. It was as close as male bonding came. Jim walked in the door as Barry threw the phone at him. Without thinking, Jim’s hands came up and caught the phone.

“You be glad I wasn’t carrying anything, or I would have smashed that Motorola crap you use.”

Barry laughed. “You suck at the video game version, but you got the softest hands of anyone I know. You would have caught it while juggling chainsaws. Now order us some take-out.”

Megan entered the room wearing a huge, pink fluffy bathrobe.

“Hi, Jim,” she said brightly, “Did I hear you have soft hands? That’s provocative.”

Jim smiled at her, dialing the phone number.

“So, seriously, you okay, man?” Barry asked. “You aren’t your usual bouncy and excited self.”

“I have a few major tests tomorrow and Wednesday. I’m studied up and prepared for them, but it’s still stressful thinking about it, you know?”

“Hey,” Megan interrupted, “I’m taking a shower. Do either of you have to use the bathroom?”

Both guys shook their heads. She walked in and shut the door. Seconds later, the faucet kicked on. For twenty minutes the hot water held out. Jim started to squirm, after knocking down several beers.

“Man, I gotta piss.”

“Of course you wait until she’s in the shower,” Barry said.


“You’ll see.”

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