A Family Friend

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With his right hand he spread my legs and began stroking my moist kitty. He then entered one, two, then three thick fingers under my red mini gown, thrusting them deep inside my noisy vagina, his tongue forced into my mouth to keep my moans from being heard. He then turned me around so that my back faced him, bent me over the sink and rubbed his cock up and down along the length of my pussy, from clit to ass. Then without warning he thrust his cock into my hot box, which caused me to straighten. He slid his fingers around the front, to massage my nipples.

As he ground his hardon into my kitty I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation of his lips now dancing on my neck, his hands caressing my erect nipples. I continued to moan “please”, but I don’t know if I was saying please stop, or please continue.

He removed his dick from my pussy and turned me around so that I faced him once again. He sat me on the sink, stood between my legs, and continued assaulting my pussy. I begged him to stop as my hands were pinned behind me with his right hand. With his left, he held my legs apart as he continued to thrust long, deep, hard strokes into my noisy vagina. His tongue forced into my mouth, keeping me from moaning loudly as he slid the straps of my red gown down my shoulders so that it pooled around my ass, revealing my huge erect nipples, both of which he sucked alternatively.

The more I struggled the tighter he pinned my hands. With each stroke I relaxed more and more, surrendering to his demands. Soon I began sucking on his tongue and whimpering with each deep thrust. As he fucked me harder and harder he felt me pushing against him. I felt him driving his hard cock deeper into my wet pussy.

It felt so good to him that he wanted it to last. He pulled out and flipped me over on my stomach, my hands holding onto the sink. I could feel his hands roughly massaging my ass, lubing it with the large amount of cum which had erupted from my now swollen mound. He forced his three fat, dripping fingers deep into my ass making me moan loudly. My moaning turned him on. Made his cock harder. With his other hand he stroked his cum soaked shaft. I could feel his dick pressing against the tight rectum, forcing entry. I heard a loud pop, but his kiss muffled my scream.

I could feel his pole moving slowly into my ass, stopping only once, and then thrusting to the hilt. He began see-sawing in and out slowly, and then faster, deeper. His balls slapping against my ass. I’m moaning, panting. He began growling, groaning. Faster. Fuck fuck fuck! Thrusting harder. Harder. Burying deep into my sore tunnel. “Oh fuck! Damn, you have a tight ass!” he hissed just loud enough for me to hear. As he continued to thrust I could feel his cock stiffening. He’s ready to cum. His fuck tool glided deeper, quicker. Like lightening.

At this point it feels so good that I can not control my body’s attempt to meet his every thrust. I began massaging my huge erect nipples. Pushing my ass backwards. His hands around my waist yanking my body to his while he continued to thrust. Fuck..fuck…FUCK!!! Aw yeah!!! he screamed as he emptied his semen into my hot ass. Never stopping his long, deep hard thrusts. Continuing the same fast pace. His fingers probing my pussy. His other hand roughly massaging my breast. His huge anaconda hardened while still deep inside my ass. He pulled out. Flipped me back over. “Oh god will it ever end?” I am thinking..

Only a few seconds passed as, down on his knees, he buried his long, tongue deep into my still sore twat. He stiffened his tongue and started moving it in and out, around and about. Every once in a while sucking and biting on my hard nub. Swiping several long licks from my pussy, to my ass..

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