A Family Friend

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With that he kissed me and began to make love to me with the slow intensity of a loving husband, not the foul rapist I felt him to be. I really did try to hold back my response to him but my body ended up betraying me and I felt myself involuntarily begin to hump back at his cock, meeting it as it plumbed my sore passage.

I felt a need building in my body that I was trying to will myself to prevent. He knew what I was doing and he slowed and began to make the most torturously slow and deep thrusts. With each full penetration of me he’d grind himself against me and the need began to take me over until I finally surrendered to it. I couldn’t help but spread my legs like some sort of slut as my body demanded his cock satisfy my lust. I felt so ashamed as I wrapped my arms around his waist and drew him into my need. He answered my need with exactly the movement needed to make my pleasure all the more intense, it was like he was playing me like a piano, knowing exactly what keys to touch to get the music he wanted.

He slowed himself as the crescendo of my pleasure ebbed and he allowed me to bask in the unwanted glow of the pleasure he had given to me.

“How was that, Hannah?”

I looked into his eyes and just closed them and turned away as my body still responded to him as my lover, yet my heart felt otherwise.

“Okay, sweetheart. Now it’s my turn.”

The full weight of his body crushed me into the mattress as he grabbed my knees with both hands and held them up to his side. His cock plowed into me with a fervor that began to seem unreal. My gentle lover was in steps becoming an impassioned beast and with each of his desperate thrusts he hammered his cock against my sore and tired cervix.

Finally, he made me scream out in pain as he virtually impaled me with his swollen cock. His breathing was ragged and he moaned as I felt the length of his cock throb and pump into me. Each jet of his come into the condom made a queer tickling sensation in the depths of my body and, in my inexperience, I dismissed the feeling and just lay beneath him as he fell on top of me and continued to pump his pulsing cock into me. After maybe ten minutes or so he just settled down and lay on top of me with his cock still deep inside of me.

I felt a warm liquid feeling inside of me and it made me think about my new percale sheets.

After doing all that I had just done with this man I couldn’t believe that the first concern I’d had after he was done were my new sheets. I felt a bit of liquid gush past his cock and it ran down my butt onto the sheets.

“David, you’ve got to get out of me! Your condom is leaking onto my sheets!”

His next words changed my life.

“You mean this condom?”

He took the little piece of latex from where it had been hiding right next to my pillow and showed it to me before tossing it onto the floor. It took a second for me to figure out how that condom could be in my body and next to my pillow all at the same time.

“Ohmigod, David, NO!!!! You DIDN’T!!!”

He smiled in my face as he started fucking me again for what would just be the start of a long weekend of him riding me bareback.

“Oh, yes, I did,” his smile was chilling,” you didn’t think that I was going to let you go without me getting to feel your bare little cunt with my dick, did you?”

“But you might make me pregnant!”

I started to struggle with him and it just turned him on all the more. He squelched my attempt to scream with a smothering kiss as he began to drive his stiffening cock into me again for round two.

“If you get pregnant then maybe you’ll just have to let me take care of you for a lot longer than just this weekend.”

Before I could say anything else he kissed me with a renewed passion and I felt so lost no long afterwards when I felt more of his come splash into my fertile body.

And now, six months later, his child is kicking inside of me and he was true to his word that he would take care of me: he married me last week.

I’m in the bathroom, my hair dripping wet from my morning shower, doing what guys say women do best: prance in the mirror, when one of my brothers’ friends comes in. He’s so cute: 26 yrs old, 5’8, about 236 lbs of pure solid muscle from his daily workouts, a smile and pair of hazel brown eyes to die for.

He’s such a good man, which is why on this particular day, I nor anyone else didn’t think anything of his standing there, admiring me since he’s been a family friend of ours for many years. He just casually stood in the doorway watching me do my thing. We smiled a friendly smile, shared a friendly conversation. Then, without interrupting the conversation, he casually locked the door, and laid back against it. I shrugged and was trying to calm down by thinking “Big deal. I can trust him. He’d never try anything”. And all the while my heartbeat quickened, anticipating what I knew was to come…

Through the mirror I could see his eyes travel down my body, deliberately stopping to linger on my ass. I became somewhat uncomfortable, began straightening up the counter putting everything where they belong while trying to continue the conversation. Then, still trying to play innocent, I’d casually turn around to open the door thinking he’s just gonna step aside to let me out. Big mistake, because now our noses are only a few inches apart. “Excuse me” I’d whisper and make a grab for the doorknob. But he wasn’t buying it, for in his eyes I saw amusement. His wicked smile made my heart stop. With lust in his eyes, he said in a deep sexy voice “I don’t think so”, and he closed the small gap, kissing me speechless. He ran his hands along the trail which began by his eyes, down my body. He flattened them on my ass, pulling me closer as he continued to savor my tongue and nibble on my lips. His hands started kneading, caressing, and slowly worked their way on down to the v of my thighs where he nudged them apart for his pleasure.

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