A Family Friend

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A possibility occurred to me…

“You’ll have to wear…” I croaked it out of my suddenly-dry throat, …”a condom. I just had my period a few days ago and I’ll get pregnant if you don’t.”

A little gleam appeared in his eye as he thought that I had accepted what was going to happen.

He showed the condom to me in his hand. My one shot at a possible salvation was gone. He opened the wrapper and left it on the night stand next to my bed and then he just flicked off the lights.

“I figured you’d like your modesty to yourself for now.”

In the light slipping in from the street I saw him kneel down and felt him gently lift my feet and remove my slippers before setting them back down. As he stood up I saw the boxers drop to the floor and could just barely make out his cock and the dark hair surrounding it.

Oh, God. This was really happening to me! The tears came on again and I sobbed as he took me to my feet and I felt his hands go over my shoulders and the robe dropped to the floor. I just had my panties and my bra on when he decided to hold me close to him. He was warm and soft and he gasped when he felt my skin against his.

Silently, he leaned into me and kissed my tears away and then he just held me some more, rocking me in his arms as if to shoo away the bad thing in my life. He forgot that he was the bad thing in my life right at that moment.

I felt his cock firming up against my belly and I felt a sort of revulsion that it would be in me before too long. I shuddered and I guess he took that as my being a litle turned on. He moaned and then knelt down, easing my panties over my hips as he knelt. He took them down to the floor where I guess he expected me to step out of them, but I didn’t. He waited a moment and then lifted my feet until he had freed my body from the protective cotton.

“You are so wonderful, Hannah!” He whispered it in my ear like he was my true love as he reached around me and undid my bra. At that moment I decided that I would let hm do his thing but that I would not respond no matter what he did. He could have my body, but I would keep my heart! I didn’t tell him that he was the first man to enjoy me naked. Mark hadn’t been patient enough to get my bra off when he took my cherry.

“Here, sweetie.”

He held back the covers of the bed and I slipped into my safe and warm bed and then he got in right behind me and it was warmer. It just would never feel as safe anymore.

I lay on my side, facing away from him and he cuddled up to me, his face soon buried in my neck nuzzling me. I jumped a little when he reached an arm around my naked waist and drew me close to him. His cock nestled obscenely between the cheeks of my ass and he gently rutted himself against me as he still nuzzled my neck.

I was just beginning to wonder what he had in mind when he took my face in his hand and turned me to him. In the faint light I saw him look at me with the most sincere longing in his eyes. It was almost mournful the way that he looked at me. I was just beginning to feel sorry for him when he leaned down and kissed me. Had I wanted the kiss it would have been wonderful. He was soft and yielding and gentle with a clear passion in his kiss. As we kissed for what seemed an hour he explored my body with his hands and, somehow, I found my hands on his back.

I came back to earth with a crash as he tried to get on top of me.

“David, please! You said you’d wear the condom!”

“Oh, yeah, that…” He sat up away from me and took the condom from the table and let me see him roll it on before he came back under the covers. He kissed me with a renewed passion and I kissed him back with the certain fear of what was to come. Again, he was patient and he kissed me into not paying attention to his gradually climbing on top of me.

When he pressed himself into me I tensed and he reached down to help himself enter me. I shot a hand between us to make sure that he had the condom on and he allowed me to touch him. I felt relieved to find him wearing it and then the revulsion came back as I realized that I was touching his cock.

“David, please, can’t we…”

He stifled my plea with a firm kiss and then I felt him fumble down there a bit before I felt him get it a little into me. He drew himself up into a push-up position over me.

“This is going to be soooo good!”

It took him a little effort to get really started but then I guess he opened me up just enough and then he thrust himself all the way into me in one stroke. The sudden fullness in my body took my breath away. He settled his weight on to me as he sighed with his satisfaction of finally claiming my body.

“I love you, Hannah, I always have and I’m so sorry that I had to do it this way.”

He withdrew and made his second thrust into me, a slow and deep penetration where he buried himself uncomfortably against my cervix.

“I’ll always love you.”

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