A Christmas Bet With The Wife

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The Bet – Fantasy Realized

Just before Christmas, my wife and I made a bet during a discussion we were having. I should have known when we were betting about who had performed in a particular film, but I was sure… The terms of the bet were that the loser would have to be the “slave” to the other for the next two weeks. We looked up the answer, and of course, I lost…

My wife was having my sister several of her friends from work and school over for a pre-Christmas party that weekend and she told me that I needed to do a few things before the party as part of my service to her. I began to think that this wasn’t going to be as bad as I had thought it might be. She had me pick up around the house, set up the decorations and gave me a list of the groceries that she needed picked up before the party. After picking up the groceries, she told me that while she was getting things put together for the party, there were some other things that I needed to do to get ready for the party as well.

First, she told me, I needed to pick up a couple more things for the party. She needed a Santa’s cap, some jingle bells, and some red ribbon, ½ inch and some curling ribbon. Nothing to difficult and I ran to the store to get them for her. When I got back from the store, my sister and her best friend, Amy, where at the house, helping her bake her Christmas cookies. She asked me to get out the things from the store for them to check out.

Then things started to get more difficult, VERY quickly. She said to my sister and her friend Amy, don’t you think this will be a great party outfit for him to wear? I looked at her quizzically while my sister and Amy agreed. I asked her what she meant to put the jingle bells onto, as I didn’t have any other Santa “gear”. She ignored me and asked the other two girls if they would like to see the outfit on. The agreed and then things got really difficult.

She told me to get undressed and they would help me try on my party outfit. I turned around to head upstairs and I heard her ask over my shoulder where did I think I was going. I turned back around and said that I thought that she wanted me to get undressed so that she could help pick out what I was going to wear for the party. She said that she already had. It was right there on the table in front of me. She wanted me to get undressed now so that she, my sister and Amy could help her make sure that it looked good. I looked at her in amazement for a second, looking at Amy and my sister before looking back at her. The three of them looked at me impassively and I gathered that she had been discussing this with them while I was at the store. She asked me what I was waiting for and I slowly started to get undressed in front of the three of them.

They continued to chatter while working on their cookies while I took off each piece of clothing and folded them onto an open kitchen chair. I got down to my jockeys and stopped, going back in front of the table. My wife looked up as I stood there and told me that I wasn’t done getting undressed yet. She and the girls wouldn’t be able to fit my outfit until I did. I looked at her in amazement again, before humbly pulling my jockeys down, stepping out of them, and adding them to the pile of clothes on the kitchen chair.

They all stood up and gathered the items out of the bag before coming up to me. I was mortified. Not that my wife hadn’t seen me naked before, but Amy never had, and my sister hadn’t since we were kids. My wife started by putting the Santa cap on my head while Amy and my sister got scissors out for the ribbon. They measured and cut the larger ribbon around my neck, making a bow out of it. They then asked me to stand up on one of the other kitchen chairs. My wife took my balls and pulled them down and the two other girls took the curling ribbon, tying it around my balls first, again making a nice bow, then they took turns stroking me, getting me hard, before tying another bow at the base of my now erect cock. They then added the jingle bells to the ribbon around my balls so that every movement I made had them ringing. I was so humiliated standing in front of my wife, her best friend, and my sister naked and tied up like a Christmas gift. They had me get down and had me turn around to survey their handiwork.

My wife said that I looked much better with a hard cock to complete the outfit, and that she might have to see what she could do before the party to ensure that the outfit was complete for the evening when they got me dressed that weekend. I didn’t know what she meant, but I was not really thinking straight anyway and sort of forgot about it after that. The rest of that evening, they had me continue to clean up after them as they made their cookies, and getting drinks for the three of them, with each of them taking lots of opportunity to give me a few more strokes to keep me hard or to pull on my gift-wrapped balls. They loved hearing the bells ring as I walked around and especially when they stroked me.

That evening after Amy and my sister left for home, my wife untied me, thanking me for being such a good sport, and gave me a mind-numbing blowjob before we went to sleep. The next morning, I awoke to voices downstairs. I got showered, shaved and threw on a pair of sweats and a tee shirt before heading downstairs myself. I was surprised to see Amy, my Sister and my wife’s assistant from work sitting at the kitchen table over coffee when I got downstairs. They looked up and my wife told me that I hadn’t been told to get dressed, and that I should get undressed again so they could get me ready for the party that night. I looked at them all in amazement as I thought what they had said last night was just in jest, and she’d had her fun.

My wife’s assistant Rachel said that she’d heard about my party outfit and she wanted to see it before tonight. I looked at my wife in horror as I realized that she meant for me to wear what she had me in last night for the whole group of co-workers and friends that she had invited over for tonight’s party. My wife looked at me and asked if I intended to welsh on our bet. I looked back at her, feeling somewhat angry, sheepish, but also aroused before, telling her that a bet is a bet and I would live up to my end of the bargain. She looked on before saying that if that was the case I still hadn’t undressed for them yet.

Abashedly, I again took off my clothes and stood in front of the now four ladies. Amy told me that they had noticed that while they were tying the ribbons and bells to me last night that they had gotten caught on my pubic hair, so they had decided that I needed to be shaved before they got me re-dressed. They cleared the kitchen table while they had me get a razor a couple of towels and shaving cream. When I got back, they had me sit up on the edge of the table with one towel hanging over the edge, got a pillow and had me lay back onto it with my feet resting on two chairs they had pulled up for the purpose. I had just started getting somewhat used to being the only one without clothes amongst four women, but this was beyond humiliating. My crotch was hanging out for all to see over the edge of the table with my legs splayed wide open while Rachel filled a bowl with hot water and Amy grabbed up the razor and shaving cream. They were all chattering and laughing about how much fun this was.

Rachel wet a washcloth and dampened my crotch and Amy lathered up some shaving cream before spreading it over everything. She seemed to be paying extra attention to my balls and cock. I was somewhat aroused before, but with Rachel and Amy’s attention, it wasn’t long before I was at full mast. My wife exclaimed that she had almost forgot, and grabbed a glass of water and handed me a pill. She said that she’d spoken with one of her old doctor friends and had been able to get a few Viagra for me to take before and for the party this evening and told me to got ahead and take it now. I did, and laid back, closing my eyes, trying to ignore the fact that I had two women that I knew, that were friends and co-workers of my wife standing between my legs with a stiff cock and them with a razor in their hands.

They seemed to be having lots of fun running the razor over my balls, cock and the surrounding area, rinsing it often in the bowl of hot water. With two attractive women handling and fondling my cock and balls with warm water, I was feeling actually pretty good, although it was still definitely strange and humiliating with literally everything hanging out for all to see. I was just starting to really enjoy the attention, and they had finished everything including part of the inside of my legs, with everything being bare from just below my belly button down halfway to my knees when my wife spoke up again. She said that it looked pretty good from the front, but she wanted me to get up and lean over the table so they could shave my ass as well.

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