14 Days of Valentines

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DAY 10 – Feb 10th

Maria woke on Saturday at her usual time, but excitement buzzed through her veins. What would her Valentine send to her today?

When 2pm rolled around and nothing special was delivered by the Post Office, Maria turned on her computer and perused her e-mail. Six e-mails from Ted the new investment entrepreneur, one from the Sisters of Charity, and two from her sisters. Nothing from her BootBoy, Mr. “T.” She swore silently to herself.

Then, before her eyes, it popped up, she the double ding and “You’re got Mail.”

BootBoy111 “re: my 10th Valentine, te amo”

“My Dearest Darling Maria, In a not to far off day I will make wild, passionate love to you, such as you have never had before.

Not only the love that my body can give to you, but the love of my heart. The love of a man who loves you above all others. A man who belongs to you alone, Querida.

I will kiss your lips so tenderly that lust will fly through every inch of your body, then I will kiss every inch of your luscious body until you are moaning my name and begging for the exquisite release. Then I will hold you tenderly in my arms, all the night through, kissing your cheeks, your neck, and your beautify dark tipped breasts. And as the sun comes up, I will renew my pledge to love you every moment of the day My Darling, I am thinking of you and wanting with my body and my heart.

T’amo, T”

DAY 11 – Feb 11th

Sunday, Harry came in early. Maria was not really sure where he had been but the first thing he did was finish her chocolates. Harry told he has decided that even though he knows Valentines Day is coming up they have been married long enough and he does not want to celebrate Valentine’s day this year.

Maria is confused about what Valentine’s Day had to do with their marriage, but actually she has not picked him up anything, either.

” Well, maybe we just forget it then, OK? ”

“I guess,” Maria agrees.

Not really sure why he should bother with cards about love when she knew he had never been demonstrative. Even dating he had never bothered with candy or flowers after the first date, and even then he had given her a foil-wrapped chocolate rose chuckling that he had managed to kill two birds with one stone.

Maria had misunderstood back then. She had been thinking this proved that Harry had a sense of humor. It took Maria awhile to realize it meant Harry was cheap, or maybe that Harry didn’t think she was worth any more bother than a combined chocolate rose. Maria just knew it was the last of either gift that she had seen in years.

“T” had managed to give her both, in the same week. Maria looked at Harry and wondered silently what she was doing with this jerk

” Well, I am glad we got that settled,” Harry told her with a smile, “do you want to go with me to my folk’s for dinner? Then you won’t have to cook anything.”

Harry always acted like taking her to his mother’s was the same as treating her to dinner in a fine restaurant. A restaurant where the other diners treated her like she was invisible, until it was time to clear the table and wash the dishes and straighten up the kitchen.

” Hah, I’ll pass, if you don’t mind. Go ahead without me.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Harry said over his shoulder, already going out the door.

“Hey ” Harry shouted from the outside step. ” One of your rugrats left a basket on the stoop with a teddy bear in it. Don’t you teach ’em anything? This is Valentine’s Day coming up, not Easter. What dummies you must have this year. Sheesh.” Maria got up and retrieved her basket from the stoop. She sat clutching her soft teddy bear while she reopened her delicious e-mail from “T.” She never even noticed Harry’s car pull down the driveway.

DAY 12 – Feb 12th

Everyone at school was so excited.. Sugar buzz. Her day flowed at breakneck speed, her school day over almost before it began. Maria was a bundle of excitement as she rushed home.

Maria’s gift was delivered by UPS to her back door almost as soon as she arrived. It was a wooden hat rack, some assembly required. Maria saw no note nor message on the box when she opened and removed the wooden pieces. Harry stopped by on his way out the door. Harry, of course, ridiculed such a weird purchase. But “hell, if you think you need one” he said, shaking up the box (knocking styro-popcorn all over the place) and perusing the packing slip. The dedication was strange. “A place to hang my hat at the end of a long day,” Harry read off, frowning. ” Are you gonna start wearin’ hats, now? Shit, Maria, don’t you have enough stuff in that closet? Now yer gonna be hanging stuff out here, too?”

Maria just smiled to herself as Harry went out the front door. She had missed that. What did it mean? No, SHE did not have many hats and didn’t really intend on getting any. She figured “T” would just bring his own.

DAY 13 – Feb 13th

The day before Valentine’s Day Martina had a big party at her house. It was her traditional annual event. And Maria was really looking forward to it.

Just before leaving school Maria received her official Valentine from her husband Harry. An officer from the sheriff’s department handed her notice to appear in court for the disillusionment of her marriage.

Divorce. Maria could say that she knew it would happen some day, but she did not know it would be today. Yes, she shed a tear, vastly disappointed that she had made such a damned poor choice in a mate.

14 Days of Valentines

Maria was glad to have the party to look forward to, her friends and a little wine. Gabriel attends and he finds her in a quiet corner, watching like an outsiders while her friends have fun. Maria wants to resist him, but Gabe is far stronger than she had realized.

Gabe pulls her into his arms and holding her in his iron grip (so she cannot get away), Gabe sways gently from side to side. His strength and his body lent her comfort. Gabe danced her toward her previous corner and keeping his back to her colleagues, he pulls in her tight near his body. Whispering, Gabriel tells her that he had an early Valentine kiss for her, and he suited actions to words. Lordy, that man could kiss. Too soon, the kiss was over. Maria gazed at him as it ended.

“Soon, he whispered to her lovingly, ” soon.” And typical of Gabe, he was quickly gone, intriguing her. Still, leaving Maria with a smile on her face.

DAY 14- Valentine’s Day

The day of hearts and Eros dawned cool and crisp. Maria woke alone in her quiet house. Maria loved Valentine’s Day and had planned her attire accordingly. She donned her sparkly red sweater, the one that Harry thought looked too flashy. Maria wore black stirrup pants and black pumps. She felt cute and a little bit sexy and this was going to be a special day.

School, as usual, on Valentine’s Day started out with cookies on everyone’s desks and with everyone opening their mailboxes and their individual cards and treats.

Maria looked through hers very carefully, making sure to keep a big smile on her face as she opened each and evert card from her students. She knew they would be secretly peeking at her reaction as she opened their valentine. Maria had many cute gifts bought or made by her students and their parents. Maria could not help herself. She was looking for one special valentine from one special guy.

In the very back, and here Maria made sure it was the last thing she pulled out, was a little 3 old fashioned gold key with a small white tag tied to it. She pulled it out slowly and read the tag “You hold the key to my heart, Querida. T”

“T”? Maria questioned herself silently. Not “G”? She had really believed it was Gabriel after the hot, sensual kiss that had nearly blistered her lips. She still didn’t believe it could be Ted, could it? Maria was confused, but she decided to wait for Gabe to stop by her room and carry her hoard to her car for her as he usually did. She would know by the look on his face.

Class ended early on Valentine’s, it was no use trying to teach kids between the general gaiety and the sugar rush pumping through their veins. Maria loved releasing the little monsters (and they sure were) after three hours of sugar hearts and chocolate kisses and the mushy sentiment of the packaged cards.

Gabe never made it to her room, forcing Maria to make three trips to her car to tuck her treasures into the truck. She was sure disappointed that Gabe had failed to stop by, she had simply come to rely on him.

Maria drove home, her mind whirling. She knew she was not is love with Harry and had not been for a long time. Her pride was hurt by him nonetheless, but her heart was not broken by any means. She was not really sure if he had ever really loved her. She knew she was intrigued by “T” but she really liked Gabriel the custodian. But “T” claimed to love her, but how could he be in love with someone who did not love him back? She could not love someone she had not met.

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