My Wife Has Been Blowing Black Men!

My wife’s job has taken her out of town this week and I miss her as I always do when she travels. Her name is Barbie and she has to travel for work about a week out of every month. My name is Joe and one week ago today was our one-year anniversary. We celebrated […]

Daughter’s First Time

Christina Garrett was a senior in high school, nearly ready to graduate this spring, so it was something that kept her at school late, commencement practice or something. She hated getting home so late, but it was nice to have someone there when she got home, the car in the driveway gave it away. She […]

Shy Wife’s First Date

I was a virgin when I met my husband Paul and throughout our twenty nine year marriage I have always been faithful to him and I’m pretty certain that he has been faithful to me. The questions began several years ago. We were in bed making love and he asked me whether it was really […]

When I Came Home Early

I was finally going home. It was about 10:00 at night, I had just gotten off work, early if I recall, and was heading back to my house for a night of easy sleep. A bit about myself though, I am 22 years old, and I work on call, 24/7. I am 6’6″ and weigh […]

Fucking my Mother in Law

My lovely bride is about 15 years younger than I am. Age doesn’t make much of a difference and we share so much in common that we barely even notice the difference. There are some obvious generational things though that make our lives interesting. One of those is that I’m really only about 7 years […]

Another Exhibitionistic Encounter

After our first adventure, an SUV shopping experience, Marla and I were on a sexual high for weeks. We talked about her accidental flashing and how once she realized what she was doing it enveloped her body and mind. Each and every time we’d bring it up in conversation we’d get so hot we’d commit […]

Morning Masturbation

It’s a Saturday morning, cloudy and grey. As I slowly wake up, I can hear the rain thudding against the roof and windows. I wish I could fall back asleep and re-enter my dream world, an encounter that has left my pussy aching and moist, where you were teasing me and making me beg for […]

Recounting the Relationship

A friend of mine once told me that if I want to be a writer, I should write every day. By “friend,” I could be referring to a fellow writer I met online like Max or Shepard, both of whom I have not heard from in quite some time. Or I could mean somebody I […]

Mom Finds Her Panties

Charlotte Miller hurried around the kitchen. She pulled out all the ingredients to make a delicious homemade sandwich for her son, Dustin. Charlotte methodically put the bread down, added turkey meat and spread mayonnaise across the tasty sandwich. She grabbed a few pieces of lettuce and tossed them onto her creation. She grabbed the knife […]

Nursing Home Visit

My grandmother has been put in a nursing home. She is 92 and I miss her a lot. When I was growing up, she lived 2 blocks behind us and I would visit her several times a week. We were best buds. As I got older, time would not permit me to see her as […]

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